Physics and Management - Master of Science (MSc)

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The admission office (Abt. II-1 Zulassung) has been closed for visitors until further notice.

All counselling is done by email.


Application period 

winter semester:     01.06. - 15.07.
summer semester:  01.12. - 15.01.

This is how you apply:

Step 1: Registration in the campus portal of Ulm University
You register online via "My personal campus portal".
After self-registration, you will receive an e-mail with the activation code and a request to confirm your personal account in the campus portal of Ulm University.

Step 2: Application in the campus portal of Ulm University
You submit your application via "My personal campus portal" and upload the required documents.



Further information

  • The certificate of a bachelor's degree with examination results in Physics and Management or an area with largely equivalent contents obtained at a German or foreign higher education institution, or a qualification which is recognised as equivalent at the level of at least three years of study
  • A bachelor's degree with an overall grade of 2.4 or better
    or a bachelor’s thesis with a grade of at least 2.0

    or if you have not yet completed your degree:
    study achievements and examination results with a minimum of 140 credit points and an average grade of 2.7 or better.
  • Proof of language proficiency in German and English


For legally binding information please see the MSc Physics and Management admissions statutes.




Upon completing the online application you need to submit the following documents in paper form within the application deadline:

  • application for admission (with original signature)
  • data view (protocol of the online application)
  • the bachelor’s degree certificate stating the average grade plus a transcript of records with credit points
  • if the programme has not yet been completed: transcript of records issued by the higher education institution including overall average grade and total credit points (ECTS)
  • Form requesting subject-specific additional information
  • for non German-language of the bachelor`s degree: proof of required German language proficiency
  • proof of English language proficiency
  • proof of basic knowledge of macroeconomics and/or business management
  • for applicants with Chinese and Vietnamese degree: the original of the APS certificate
  • for applicants with a bachelor`s degree from abroad: grading scale of the education institution
  • additionally certified translations of documents that were not issued in German/English

    Please note:
  • Simple, non-attested copy of each document, no authentication needed (exemption: APS certificate)
  • Incomplete applications (missing documents or details) will be rejected
  • We do not accept applications and supporting applications documents sent by email
  • if you are absent during the application process and therefore cannot apply at Ulm University yourself, it is possible to authorise someone else to do so for you. Valid forms of authorisation:
    - notarised letter of authority
    - power of attorney
    - letter of authority - download template in PDF format

    Please note: signatures must be originals



Upon completing the online application you will receive a confirmation email with your access details for the application portal, where you can find details on the status of your application and other notifications.

Forgot your password?

Admission will be granted when the following prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • Compliance with the form and deadline of your application
  • Fulfilment of entrance requirements
  • Proof of equivalence regarding the subject-matter of your study qualification (decision of the admissions committee)

Further information about the master's programme in Physics and Management.

If you hold a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Management from Ulm University, an application is not required. You can go to the Studiensekretariat (student administration and examinations office) instead and fill out an 'application for change of programme' (Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel) as soon as you graduate, given that your grades meet the requirements as stated in the admission statute (final grade at least 2.4 or grade of the bachelor's thesis at least 2.0, plus English proficiency). 

Application for change of programme