Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - Master of Science (M.Sc.)



The interviews for the wintern term 2019/20 will take place on 18 June 2019. Invitation letter will send regulary by email.

Application period (cut-off period)

winter semester:     15.04. - 15.05.
summer semester:  15.10. - 15.11.

How to apply:

1. Step: Online application
Apply online and print out the application for admission as well as the data view.

2. Step: Submit documents
Send the signed application including all application documents to

Universität Ulm
Abteilung II-1 Zulassung
89069 Ulm | Germany

All documents must be received in paper form within the application period.

Further information

  • Entrance requirements

    • Bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology or another programme with largely equivalent contents obtained at a German or foreign higher education institution, or a qualification which is recognised as equivalent at the level of at least three years of study
    • a bachelor's degree with an average grade of 2.5 or better
      or if you have not yet completed your degree:
      study achievements and examination results with a minimum of 140 credit points and an average grade of 2.8 or better

    For legally binding information please see the MSc Pharmaceutical Biotechnology admissions statutes.



  • Application documents

    Upon completing the online application you need to submit the following documents in paper form within the application deadline:

    • application for admission (with original signature)
    • data view (protocol of the online application)
    • the bachelor’s degree certificate stating the average grade plus a transcript of records with credit points
    • if the programme has not yet been completed: transcript of records issued by the higher education institution including overall average grade and total credit points (ECTS)
    • Form requesting subject-specific additional information
    • for non German-language of the bachelor`s degree: proof of required German language proficiency
    • for applicants with Chinese and Vietnamese degree: the original of the APS certificate
    • for applicants with a bachelor`s degree from abroad: grading scale of the education institution
    • additionally certified translations of documents that were not issued in German/English
    • for claims of hardship: letter of explanation and proof of exceptional case

      Please note:
    • Simple, non-attested copy of each document, no authentication needed (exemption: APS certificate)
    • Incomplete applications (missing documents or details) will be rejected
    • We do not accept applications and supporting application documents sent by email
    • if you are absent during the application process and therefore cannot apply at Ulm University yourself, it is possible to authorise someone else to do so for you. Valid forms of authorisation:
      - notarised letter of authority
      - power of attorney
      - letter of authority - download template in PDF format

      Please note: signatures must be originals
  • Application portal

    Upon completing the online application you will receive a confirmation email with your access details for the application portal, where you can find details on the status of your application and other notifications.

    Forgot your password?

  • Selection procedure

    If we receive more qualified applications than there are study places available, the selection is made in a two-step process.


    The first ranking list is formed as follows:

    1. Step

    Overall grade of the bachelor's degree, or overall grade of the study achievements and exam results obtained up to the application cut-off date; the best grade is at the top of the ranking list. In cases of equal scores, the decision is made by lottery.

    2. Step

    The pre-selected candidates are invited to a selection interview which will determine the final result. (see §§ 4 and 5 admission statutes)

  • Claims of hardship

    Claims of hardship in master´s programmes with restricted admission

    5% of all available places (one place minimum) are reserved for cases of exceptional hardship.

    Exceptional hardship applies particularly to cases where it is absolutely necessary for the applicant to begin their studies without delay due to health reasons or equally serious circumstances. Applicants who depend on Ulm as place of study due to exceptional family, social or economic circumstances may claim hardship as well.

    Please note:

    • The claim of hardship is to be made in the course of the online application. Prerequisite is the fulfilment of the admission requirements for the master’s programme.
    • An explanatory statement including single copies of supporting documents must be submitted within the application deadline. In the case of health reasons, a certificate from a medical specialist must be submitted confirming that immediate commencement of studies is absolutely necessary.
    • Claims of hardship will be assessed after the application cut-off date.

    Claims of hardship will be considered only from applicants who were not allocated a study place in the allocation procedure based on performance.


  • Information on the master's programme Pharmaceutical Biotechnology