Prof Martin Plenio honoured as "Highly Ranked Scholar" - Physicist ranked 1st in the special field of quantum mechanical entanglement

Ulm University

The physicist Professor Martin Plenio has been recognised as a Highly Ranked Scholar by the US database provider ScholarGPS. His numerous publications, the high influence in his field of research and the quality of his scientific contributions have placed the quantum researcher from Ulm University among the top 0.05% of all scientists worldwide in his specialised field.

For its ranking of Highly Ranked Scholars, the Californian company ScholarGPS analyses 200 million pieces of scientific data such as publications and conference papers, as well as patents. The "highly ranked researchers" determined in this way are the most productive authors in terms of the number of publications, whose works are frequently cited and of the highest quality. Highly Ranked Scholars are those researchers with a ScholarGPS rank of 0.05 % or better. A total of 30 million profiles of researchers from over 55,000 institutions worldwide are available on ScholarGPS.

Professor Martin Plenio, Head of the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Managing Director of the Centre for Quantum BioScience at Ulm University, is ranked first worldwide in the special field of quantum mechanical entanglement within the field of "Natural Sciences and Mathematics". A total of eleven researchers from Europe, Asia and America fulfil the criteria for Highly Ranked Scholars in this special field of research. "With my work on the theory of quantum mechanical entanglement, I found my way into quantum information in the 1990s. I am delighted that my work has left a mark on the scientific landscape over the last 25 years," says Martin Plenio.

Plenio (born 1968) studied physics at the University of Göttingen and completed his doctorate. An important research station was London's Imperial College, where he became Professor of Quantum Physics. He came to Ulm University in 2009 as an Alexander von Humboldt Professor. In addition to the Institute of Theoretical Physics, he also heads the Centre for Quantum and BioSience (ZQB), an association of researchers from the fields of biochemistry, medicine and physics. His research interests include the understanding of composite, interacting quantum many-body systems and the utilisation of their potential for quantum simulators or quantum sensors. In addition to his academic research, he is the founder of the companies NVision and QC Design. Plenio is also regularly one of the Highly Cited Researchers of Ulm University.


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Text and media contact: Daniela Stang


Prof Martin Plenio, Head of the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Ulm University (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt)