Excellent ranking for Ulm University in latest THE Ranking
In the top 15 in Germany and place 140 worldwide

Ulm University

The latest edition of the renowned THE World University Ranking lists Ulm at a very respectable 13th place within Germany. On a global scale, Ulm University comes in at 140th place among all universities compared. The ranking published by the British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) lists around 1500 universities from 93 countries. Universities are evaluated according to five different criteria for the ranking list, including teaching, research, citation frequency, third-party funding from industrial partners and internationalisation.

The top spots in the THE ranking traditionally go to renowned British and American universities – in particular Oxford University, followed by Stanford and Harvard. The best German university is the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, at 32nd place. Coming in at 13th place among German universities, Ulm University passes up several bigger and older universities in Germany, including the universities of Stuttgart and Constance as well as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Ulm University scored exceptionally well in the latest ranking list in the categories of citations and third-party funding from industrial partners. Scientific papers from Ulm are cited particularly often by other scientists. 13.6 million research publications and more than 86 million citations were analysed from a 5-year period for this ranking list, based on bibliometric data from the scientific publishing house Elsevier. In this category, Ulm University even reached 79th place worldwide.

In addition to the categories of third-party funding and citations, the World University Ranking also evaluates the areas of research, teaching and internationalisation. To collect this information, THE questioned scientists about the reputations of the participating universities. Specific key figures were also collected from the universities and then analysed. According to the magazine, the THE World University Ranking is the largest and most comprehensive university ranking in the world. This year marks the publishing of the 17th edition.

The “Golden Age” ranking, which appeared in late June and is a part of the THE World University Ranking, also lists Ulm University at an outstanding 14th place in the world, the second-best German university in this age group. “Golden Age” refers to universities that are more than 50 and less than 80 years old.

Media contact: Daniela Stang

Ulm University
Ulm University is among the 15 best universities in Germany, according to the THE Ranking (Photo: Martina Fischer / Uni Ulm)