Ulm University offers excellent education for up-and-coming auditors manager magazine ranks Ulm at 6th place among academic institutions

Ulm University

More than 50 auditing companies have selected Ulm University as the top university in the field of auditing. This was the result of a survey conducted by manager magazin in cooperation with the Academic Association for Management and Consulting (WGMB – Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung). The surveyed auditors rated the quality of education at Ulm University in this field as “very good”.

Ulm University was listed among the “auditing firm favourites” In the manager magazin ranking, coming in at an impressive sixth place. According to the more than 50 leading auditing firms surveyed, Ulm University is one of the ten best universities in the field. First place went to the University of Mannheim, followed by the University of Münster in second place and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in third place. The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and the Goethe University Frankfurt ranked ahead of Ulm University as well.

This year’s manager magazin survey honoured the best auditing firms in Germany and also took into consideration the opportunities for academic training in this field. The ranking of the best universities for auditor training is intended to provide students orientation help, according to manager magazin editor-in-chief Sven Oliver Clausen. The results were published online ( as well as in a special edition of manager magazin published in late March, entitled “Germany’s Best Auditors 2020”. Not only does this special edition include the results of the ranking, but it also illustrates developments within the industry, provides current information on the situation for young scientists and gives insights into the topic of education.

“We are very pleased with this excellent outcome. For years, we at Ulm University have been putting great effort into advancing the academic training of our young students to the highest possible level”, explains Professor Kai-Uwe Marten from the Ulm Institute of Accounting and Auditing. At Marten’s initiative, Ulm University has been offering a special additional qualification since 2007 in which students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in economics with a focus on accounting and auditing. For more than ten years now, this bachelor’s programme, which is aligned with §13b of the German Auditing Regulations, has been the only programme in the country to already offer accreditation toward the auditing exam for courses taken in general business studies, economics and business law at such an early stage in the programme. “With our 13b bachelor’s programme, students can customise their degree to fit the auditing profession. This simplifies the auditing exam considerably, in that two important parts of the exam can already be completed as part of the regular programme”, explains Marten.

Auditors: well trained and in high demand

Auditors are well-educated, sought-after “generalists” with a wide range of career opportunities. Not only can auditors start their own businesses or join auditing firms, but they can also find employment with companies in top management positions. The exam, however, can prove to be an insurmountable hurdle for some, especially since it is often taken in addition to the workload of a fulltime job. According to paragraph 13b of the German Auditing Regulations, bachelor’s degree students at Ulm University can begin completing requirements for the subjects of economics, business studies and business law as early as their fourth semester. This greatly improves the chances of success for the subsequent exam, as demonstrated by the high passing rate among graduates from Ulm University.

“Trial internship”: 30 auditing firms to choose from

Since many students aren’t sure if they would like to pursue a career as an auditor at such an early stage in their studies, Ulm University offers “trial internships” with auditing firms. These are intended to provide insight into the practical side of the profession. More than 30 firms are available to choose from – in the greater Ulm area as well as across the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Institute of Accounting and Auditing establishes contact with the companies at the request of the student. The short internships, which typically comprise several days, may be extended if desired. As a general rule, these “trial internships” are completed during a student’s 3rd semester. Starting in the 4th semester, students of economics can begin with the first courses for additional qualification. This feature is also quite likely unique in Germany.

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Manager magazin ranking: Ulm University one of the top educators of auditors
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Ulm University is among the “auditing firm favourites”
Prof Kai-Uwe Marten (left) and Prof Heribert Anzinger (right) with their staff at the Institute of Accounting and Auditing at Ulm University (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt / Uni Ulm)