Second place in Germany
Ulm University shines in THE 'Golden Age' Ranking

Ulm University

Ulm University scores excellently in the Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking. Over the past two years, the University has repeatedly improved its position in the ranking of 'Golden Age' universities: it is now the second-best university in Germany in this age group, right after the Freie Universität Berlin. Worldwide, Ulm University achieved an outstanding 14th place. The Golden Age Ranking assesses universities worldwide that are older than 50 and under 80 years. Ulm University did particularly well in the category 'scientific influence' (citation index) with 94.9 out of 100 possible points, and with 75.7 out of 100 possible points in the area 'knowledge transfer' (industry income).

The university rankings of the British publishing house Times Higher Education (THE) are among the most comprehensive and renowned worldwide. They assess 13 performance indicators across four different academic core missions: research, teaching, international outlook and knowledge transfer. Key criteria in the category research, which accounts for 60 percent of the overall rating, are research funds, publication productivity and scientific influence. These are determined based on the amount of third-party funding, the number of academic publications, and the so-called citation index, which indicates how often a research paper is cited in professional circles. Ulm University scored extraordinarily well in the citation index, which is a key performance indicator in the THE ranking. Essential criteria in the area of teaching, which accounts for 30 percent of the final result, include the staff-to-student ratio, the qualification structure of the teaching staff and financial resources. The categories international outlook and knowledge transfer look at the proportions of international students and staff as well as the number of international collaborative projects for the first category, and third-party funds from economy and industry for the latter.

Top of the list in the Times Higher Education (THE) Golden Age Ranking is the University of California, San Diego, followed by the Australian National University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. This special ranking is part of the THE World University Ranking, which lists universities worldwide from all age groups and in which Ulm University achieved a great 141st place in 2020. Until its 50th birthday, Ulm University held the title of 'Best Young University in Germany' several times in the THE Young University Ranking, which is also part of the World University Ranking.

Text and mediacontact: Andrea Weber-Tuckermann

Ulm University shines in THE "Golden Age" ranking as the second best university in Germany and it shines in the light of the June sun (Photo: Martina Fischer Uni Um)