Ulm University Special Award for Student Commitment

The Ulm University Special Award for Outstanding Student Involvement particularly supports individual students or a group of students who demonstrate exemplary student educational activities that have an impact on course of studies and directly benefit other students.

With this, the University of Ulm rewards commitment with exceptional commitment. Below you will find an overview of the winners from previous years.

Any member of the university can submit proposals to the Vice President for Teaching and International Affairs. Alternatively, the form below can also be used. The proposals must be justified, contain meaningful information / documents on the award criteria in accordance with Section 2, Paragraph 2, as well as a statement from the respective student body. Self-suggestions are not permitted.



The nomination for the University Special Prize for Student Engagement 2021 was possible until November 14, 2021. We will inform you in time about the next nomination period.

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Ulm University Special Award for Outstanding Student Commitment

Cora Carmesin, Institute for Systematic Botany and Ecology for the Talking Tree project

University group sustainability: In addition to their studies, the members around Sophia Schwender and Dominik Winklmaier have organized events such as the watch.think.act cinema series, the clothing carousel in the university forum, a sustainable city tour or the sustainability round table.

Student organizers of the elective "MSV - Mit Sicherheit verliebt" for their commitment to sex education of young people in school

The organizing team of the Festival Contre Le Racisme Ulm

Mr. Konstantin Ehinger for his commitment to the "Student Symposium on Molecular Medicine

Ms. Barbara Körner and Mr. Simon Lüke received a sum of money for their commitment to the reintroduction of the student body.

Special Award for Outstanding Student Commitment in supporting refugees

The Medinetz Ulm, a student human rights initiative that aims to improve the medical situation of refugees, migrants, homeless people and people without health insurance.


Mr. Julian Latzko for his active involvement in the study commission for economics to improve the offer in the area of "Business English”

Guidelines for awarding

Guideline of the Ulm University for proposals for the State Teaching Award and the Special Award for Outstanding Student Engagement as well as for the award of the University Teaching Award, the teaching bonuses and the Ulm University Special Award for Outstanding Student Engagement of 11.03.2021

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