Computational Science and Engineering - Bachelor of Science (BSc)

The Bachelor’s programme Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) is all about mathematical modelling and the simulation of questions and problems from the fields of natural sciences and engineering but also economics, medicine and the life sciences. Computational science is a relatively young area of science that is rapidly gaining importance. Alongside theoretical analysis and experiments it is a key method in research and development at higher education institutions and in industry. Product developments used to be very time-consuming, expensive and sometimes simply not doable. Computer simulation offers far-reaching possibilities for all sectors of which research and industry benefit greatly.

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Bachelor of Science (BSc)

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  • full-time
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  • each winter semester
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  • German, partly English
  • no restriction

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The Bachelor’s programme Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) teaches you to comprehend technical and scientific problems e.g. in the areas of strength, vibration, flow, electrochemistry, electrical engineering and biomechanics. You will also learn how to model those problems mathematically, how to simulate and optimise them with the help of modern simulation software and how to evaluate simple simulation results and validate them by comparison to experiments. You will be able to contribute in production-related capacities in small or medium-sized businesses. With this research-oriented education you will have the potential to independently work on innovations in product development and optimisation.