Actuarial Science - Master's programme for working professionals (MSc)

The globalisation and consequently the internationalisation of risk management and accounting, severe demographic changes, the developments in the international financial markets, new financial instruments and technological innovations – these are only a few aspects that cause far-reaching changes to actuarial science. This background has brought forth the actuarial profession in Germany. Actuaries are experts in the assessment and management of financial risks (e.g. for insurances, banks and building societies/home loan banks [Bausparkassen] or in company pension schemes).

Tuition fees can vary depending of your module choices and range between €10.500 - €14.000

The length of the study programme depends on your individual study curriculum and usually ranges between 4 and 7 semesters.

Key data

Type of programme

Master's programme for working professionals (MSc)

Type of study
  • part-time
  • full-time
  • career-integrated
Study curriculum

Information on the study curriculum


Information for applicants

Start of programme
  • each summer and winter semester
Language of instruction
  • German
  • restricted (for further information see 'Application')
ECTS credit points



More about the course

The Actuarial Science master’s programme combines fundamental mathematical and statistical knowledge with economic topics and the particular issues of actuarial science. You will gain a basic knowledge in the central actuarial areas like personal insurance mathematics, indemnity Insurance mathematics, and financial mathematics. You also acquire an advanced understanding of the basic parameters of actuarial work in the areas of business management, risk management or accounting.

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