Mathematical Biometry - Master of Science (MSc)

The innovative study programme Mathematical Biometry combines knowledge from mathematics, statistics and life sciences. This combination of qualifications is sought after in cases for the planning, implementation and evaluation of medical, epidemiological and pharmaceutical studies. Mathematical Biometry graduates have a good command of mathematical and statistical methods and extra knowledge of medical and biological basics. They are furthermore able to apply their knowledge in practice and utilise what modern information technology has to offer.

The master’s programme Mathematical Biometry expands and deepens the knowledge acquired in the bachelor's programme. Students have the opportunity to choose between several topics to specialise their studies.

This is not an English-taught programme, there are several modules that must be completed in German. Students who wish to participate in the programme need to proof their German language proficiency.

Key data

Type of programme

Master of Science (MSc)

Type of study
  • full-time
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Start of programme
  • each summer and winter semester
Language of instruction
  • German, partly English
  • no restriction
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Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger

Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger
Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger
Academic Staff
University Ulm
Studienkommission Mathematik und Wirtschaftsmathematik
Helmholtzstraße 18
89081 Ulm
Room: Helmholtzstraße 18 2.24
Telephone: +49 731 50-23515

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More about the course

Mathematical Biometry is an integrative degree programme that teaches and ties together knowledge of applied mathematics, informatics and life sciences. The master’s programme Mathematical Biometry enables students to independently analyse data from the life sciences and is therefore also attractive for students who have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Life Sciences (Biology, Medicine).


The master’s programme Mathematical Biometry builds on, expands and deepens the knowledge acquired in the bachelor's programme. Students learn how to independently conduct scientific work and can emphasise areas of interest and skills.

The master’s programme Mathematical Biometry has only few mandatory courses. The total amount of credit points (ECTS) in the various areas of examination are specified in the <link en einrichtungen administration dez1 legal-and-organisational-affairs statutes-and-regulations-etc under-and-postfraduate-study-doctoral-degree-habilitation study-and-examination-regulations>examination regulations.

Career perspectives

Pharmaceutical companies in particular have been complaining for years about the shortage of qualified staff for the supervision and evaluation of medical studies. This degree programme closes an important gap between pharmaceutics and medicine as well as mathematics and informatics. There are only very few pathways that offer these relevant qualifications. Due to this circumstance and the growing economic importance of the health sector, our graduates enjoy very promising and interesting career perspectives.

Excellent career opportunities are present, for example, in

  • pharmaceutical companies,
  • clinics,
  • health organisations.

The master’s programme Mathematical Biometry lays the foundation for a doctorate in Mathematics.