Mathematics and Management - Master of Science (MSc)

If you choose to study Mathematics and Management at Ulm University, you benefit from the ideal combination of mathematics and management – both during your studies and later at work. The master’s programme Mathematics and Management is for you, if you have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Management or an applied subject. The Mathematics and Management bachelor's and master’s programmes at Ulm University are consecutive, with the master’s seamlessly building on the bachelor's programme.

This is not an English-taught programme, there are several modules that must be completed in German. Students who wish to participate in the programme need to proof their German language proficiency.

Key data

Type of programme

Master of Science (MSc)

Type of study
  • full-time
Study curriculum

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Start of programme
  • each summer and winter semester
Language of instruction
  • German, partly English
  • no restriction
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Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger

Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger
Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger
Academic Staff
University Ulm
Studienkommission Mathematik und Wirtschaftsmathematik
Helmholtzstraße 18
89081 Ulm
Room: Helmholtzstraße 18 2.24
Telephone: +49 731 50-23515

Further information on the Master in Mathematics and Management


More about the course

You can mostly select your modules freely and have a choice of specialisations in the subjects

  • Algebra and Number Theory
  • Analysis
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Numerics
  • Optimisation
  • Stochastics
  • Actuarial Science

or in a management subject.


This pathway is for you, if you have a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Management or an applied subject. The Mathematics and Management bachelor's and master’s programmes are consecutive, with the master’s seamlessly building on the bachelor's programme. The master's programme teaches you in-depth knowledge in the areas of mathematics, management and informatics and is equivalent in its standards and requirements to the former German 'Diplom'.

Mathematics specialisations:

  • <link en mawi institute-of-insurance-science actuarial-program-at-the-university-of-ulm>Actuarial Science
  • <link en mawi institute-of-pure-mathematics teaching algebra-and-number-theory-in-ulm>Algebra and Number Theory
  • <link en mawi schwerpunkt-analysis>Analysis
  • <link mawi finmath internal link in current>Financial Mathematics
  • <link en mawi mawi-numerik lehre studienplan>Numerics
  • <link en mawi institute-of-optimization-and-operations-research allgemeines>Optimisation
  • <link en mawi schwerpunkt-stochastik>Stochastics


Management specialisations:

  • <link en mawi institute-of-economics economics master>Economics
  • <link en mawi iof teaching schwerpunktfach-master-finanzwirtschaft>Financial Economics
  • <link en mawi rwwp major-subject master>Accounting and Auditing
  • <link en mawi itop teaching itoplehre focus-tpm>Technology and Process Management
  • <link en mawi mawi-ifc lehre>Management and Controlling
  • <link en mawi institute-of-insurance-science teaching-and-study-program important-information-about-the-planning-of-your-studies information-about-the-focus-actuarial-science-for-students-in-economics>Insurance Industry


Please see the module handbook for an overview of the current course offers.

The master’s programme Mathematics and Management builds on, expands and deepens the knowledge acquired in the bachelor's programme. You learn how to independently conduct scientific work and can emphasise certain areas of personal interest and skills.

Expanding you horizon, immersing yourself in different cultures – such experiences are more important than ever in the age of globalisation. We thus put a strong focus on the internationalisation of our programmes and strongly support semesters and internships abroad. Our cooperations with high-ranking partner universities offer fantastic opportunities for you to take your studies overseas. You can find further information <link en mawi mawi-ausland internal link in current>here.

Career perspectives

The master’s programme focuses on methodological competences rather than the preparation for a specific profession.

The Mathematics and Management pathway prepares you for professions that require a combination of analytical and management thinking.
Our graduates have excellent career perspectives. They work for financial service providers, insurance companies, business consultancies or software companies, just to name a few, and many have outstanding careers to show for themselves.

Graduate testimonial

I studied Mathematics and Management with the specilisation Actuarial Science at Ulm University. During my studies I was able to complete almost all certificates that are required by the German Actuarial Association (DAV) to work as an actuary. This is a unique offer by Ulm University and tremendously helpful for the career start!

Larissa Schöpf, Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG
(Master of Science Mathematics and Management)