Tree planting initiative at Ulm University
Taking a stand for the climate

Ulm University

Ulm University is taking a stand for more climate protection with an afternoon of tree planting scheduled for Friday, 13 March (12:30 pm). The initiative entails the planting of 50 tree seedlings in a wooded area of the University campus. Prior to the actual planting, scientists will be giving short lectures on the challenges that climate change presents. Interested parties will also have the opportunity to sponsor a tree.

The organisation team, consisting of medical student Leon Schild and PD Dr Susanne Kühl, will open the scientific supporting programme (10:00 am, room H3). Ulm University President Professor Michael Weber will also speak a word of welcome. Professor Michael Kühl, spokesperson for the organisation “Scientists for Future Ulm”, will then speak about the challenges of climate change and present possible approaches for facing these challenges. Biology professor Marian Kazda, head of the Botanic Garden at Ulm University, will discuss the importance of forests in the fight against climate change.

Interested parties are meeting in the wooded area located directly behind the Helmholtzstraße 16 building (Central University Administration Office) at 12:30 pm to join forces and plant trees. Forest ranger Gudrun Bechler from Forst BW (Baden-Württemberg Forest Management) will be on site to supervise the planting of the 50 sycamore tree seedlings. Shovels and spades will be provided.

Interested parties will also have the opportunity to sponsor a tree with a donation of 5 euros. The proceeds, along with other donations, will go toward ecological enhancement of the University grounds as well as building nesting places and insect hotels. The tree planting initiative is a joint effort organised by the University BUND Group (Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland – Friends of the Earth Germany), The University Sustainability Group within the General Students’ Association (Allgemeine Studentenvertretung - AStA), the Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education (Zentrum für Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung - ZAWIW), the Ulm 3-Generation University (u3gu) and the Ulm Scientists and Fridays for Future groups. Funding is also being provided by the University and the Ulm office of Assets and Construction Management Baden-Württemberg (Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg).

In connection with the tree planting initiative, an exhibit focusing on the topic of climate change will be on display in the Uni Forum from 9-27 March.

Media contact: Daniela Stang

50 tree seedlings are to be planted in a forested area of the Ulm University campus (Photo: Daniela Stang)