Ulm University in the CHE ranking of master’s degree programmes – excellent studying conditions in the Engineering and Psychology Departments

Ulm University

In the current ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung, CHE), Ulm University comes in at first place among 34 universities with its master’s programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Ulm University’s Psychology programme also ranks very well in the comparison of master’s degree programmes. The CHE ranking provides an overview of the conditions in the master’s degree programmes at German universities based on a combination of student surveys and facts on research and teaching.

Students at Ulm University assess their studying conditions in the master’s programme Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as “very good” in several categories. They praise the overall study situation, the teacher support and the support in studies. The range of courses offered, the scientific orientation and the transition to the master’s programme also receive positive ratings. This master’s programme also made it into the highest group in the category “publications per academic”.

Master’s students in the Psychology programme are also very satisfied with the studying conditions at Ulm University. They give positive ratings to the overall study situation, support during studies, courses offered, course organisation and scientific orientation as well as the use of digital teaching elements and the transition to the master’s programme. This master’s programme also receives glowing reviews in the category “citations per publication”.

Nearly 10,000 master’s students nationwide contributed to the reviews for the CHE ranking. In the most current comparison of master’s degree programmes, up to eight criteria are evaluated by the students, depending on the subject. These criteria include overall study situation, courses offered and study organisation. The criterion “scientific orientation” provides information about the extent to which there are opportunities within the master’s programmes at the universities to intensify scientific work and come into contact with research results. For the first time, the master’s students also evaluate the use of digital teaching elements.

In addition, the CHE collects factual indicators that are provided by the universities. These indicators, including research money, publications per academic and citations per publication, provide an overview of the research performance in the various departments. Also, one indicator provides information about the level of intensity with regard to contact with the work environment during the master’s degree programme.

Based on the results of the factual indicators and reviews, the programmes are assigned to a high, middle and low group. For the 2022/2023 ranking list, the following subjects for master’s degree programmes were newly reviewed: electrical engineering and information technology, civil engineering, environmental engineering/construction, mechanical engineering, materials engineering/materials science, chemical engineering/applied chemistry, environmental engineering, process engineering, biotechnology and psychology. The list is published online, as well as, in part, in the current edition of the student magazine ZEIT CAMPUS.

Text and mediacontact: Daniela Stang
Translation: Kate Gaugler

Students stand in front of the library of Ulm University
For the current CHE ranking list, students at Ulm University rate the studying conditions as being very good in the master’s degree programmes Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as well as Psychology (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt)