Software Engineering - Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Software engineering is a specialisation and extension of computer science, primarily focusing on the systematic construction of large-scale software-intensive systems.

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Type of programme

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Type of study
  • full-time
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Start of programme
  • each winter semester
Orientation offer Language of instruction
  • German
  • no restriction

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More about the course

It concerns all aspects of conceptualising and realising new, large-scale software systems, as well as restructuring and reusing existing software. This includes, in particular, methodological aids such as processes, models, tools and principles of systematic development of software systems, solid knowledge of quality control and relevant knowledge and experience in the area of project management.


Excellent teacher to student ratio

The generous teacher to student ratio at Ulm University ensures exceptional support for our students. Classes and tutorials are reasonably sized and study groups are systematically encouraged. This highly supportive environment and additional offers like programming workshops and electronic learning platforms help our students to ease into this versatile degree programme, especially during their first semesters.

Key advantages

■ Revision courses for final exam preparation
■ Tutorials in small groups
■ Small department with excellent teacher to student ratio and numerous direct contact persons
■ Several modern computer rooms (Windows and Linux), free WIFI throughout the

This bachelor’s degree programme in software engineering combines the elements of a classical computer science degree (practical, technical and theoretical computer science, mathematics) with their corresponding application possibilities in developing large-scale systems. There are also units on business, user interface design and media law.

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree has a broad knowledge base in the areas of software engineering that are specific to computer science as well as basic to good knowledge in the areas of business and management.
He is capable of grasping considerable requirements of software systems, creating appropriate concepts for problem solving, and selecting and applying productive tools and methods. He can work with a process focus and take on various aspects of project management independently.

Credit Points
Übersicht mit Leistungspunkten (Bachelor of Science)   LP
Informatik   78
Software Engineering   44
Mathematik   32
Seminare   8
Additive Schlüsselqualifikationen   6
Bachelorarbeit   12
Summe   180

zum Studienplan im LSF (Bachelor Software Engineering FSPO 2014)

The world is coming together – that is also and particularly true for science. International experience is an increasingly important asset to successfully compete in the job market. Students at Ulm University can apply for one or two semesters abroad with numerous universities – both in Europe as part of the ERASMUS+ programme and at universities outside of Europe.

For Computer Science programmes we have partner universities, for example, in Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Holland, Norway and Spain. The International Office provides further information.

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Career perspectives

Possible career fields include analysis, drafting and developing qualitatively high-end software-intensive systems (especially embedded systems). The focus on theoretical content fulfils the prerequisite for future research activity. In addition, with the appropriate focus, there are opportunities in the fields of project management and quality assurance. A graduate from the software engineering bachelor’s degree programme always draws upon his knowledge base and technical skills from the field of computer science.