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Let us briefly introduce ourselves

  • The university is divided into four faculties
    - Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology
    - Mathematics and Economics
    - Medicine
    - Natural Sciences
  • More than 60 study programmes
  • about 10,000 students
  • short distances on campus
  • Optimal support before the actual semester start with Training Camps for Maths and Chemistry
  • Access to numerous support offers throughout your studies, such as study coaching etc.
  • Studying in small groups instead of crowded seminar rooms
  • Top ratings in international rankings and in surveys among students

Students and teachers talking about studying at Ulm University

Information on studying in sommer semester 2021

Information about winter semester 2021 - 2022

Study and teaching in the winter semester 2021-2022 is takeing place online, as well as, in presence. Courses with practical components will be held in person on campus in compliance with infection control measures.
We recognise that it is particularly important for first-semester students to get to know the University as well as their teachers and fellow students. Therefore, individual events for first-semester students will be offered on campus. 

In last year's student survey, studying in the pandemic semester at Ulm University was generally rated positively. Our students appreciate the flexibility of these formats. This also benefits academic performance, which was stable during this time.

Which programmes can I apply for at University of Ulm?

Study overview

Ulm University offers study programmes leading to the degrees Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, Master of Science, Master of Education as well as state examinations. Choose your desired degree programme from this comprehensive course catalogue.

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Who can answer my questiones?

Do you need support with your studies or are you looking for advice on the subjects of accommodation or BAföG (financial assistance for students)? Our compass for advisory services provides an overview of the various advisory and information services available at Ulm University.

Information for the first-year students

You are starting studying at Ulm University? You can find an overview about information for first-year students (Ertis) on our website.

Campus Life and Activities in Ulm

Take a look at the extensive range of sports offers, courses on the topics of fitness and health and other opportunities to spend your free time with like-minded people offered by University Sports!

Find out about the various happenings and must-sees, the hottest pubs in town or when the famous Nabada takes place on the homepage of Ulm. There are plenty of options for how to spend your free time or the weekend in Ulm and its surroundings. What floats your boat? An overview of the events in Ulm and the region.

Ulm University's Department of Humanities offers a wide range of courses in the fields of philosophy, languages, philology, additive transferable skills (ASQ), cultural studies and general continuing academic education.

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