News of the Institute of Media Informatics

Award to Rixen et al, Mobile HCI 2023

Ulm University

ACM Europe Countil Honorable Mention Award | Athens | September 2023

We congratulate Jan Ole Rixen to his award which he earned together with his co authors Luca-Maxim Meinhardt, Michael Glöckler, Marius-Lukas Ziegenbein, Anna Schlothauer, Mark Colley, Enrico Rukzio (all Ulm University) and Jan Gugenheimer (University of Darmstadt) for his contribution The Loop and Reasons to Break It: Investigating Infinite Scrolling Behaviour in Social Media Applications and Reasons to Stop.

Today's social media (SM) platforms are toolkits consisting of features with different use cases, some strongly related to habitual and regretful use. Especially Infinite Scrolling (IS) has been reported to make users feel like they are being caught in a loop, regretfully elongating SM sessions. We investigated and defined this loop while unveiling the processes that make users break it. Based on a one-week-long field study (N=46), we unfolded and categorized general reasons for leaving social media and related those to IS. In light of our findings, we argue that SM interventions should not only focus on the app but incorporate the user's context, as most reasons to break SM sessions were not related to the app but the user's general context. Our findings and prior work also indicate the coexistence of multiple loops, which we define as inner (intra-session) loops surrounded by an outer (habitual) loop.

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