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Congratulations to obtaining a PhD degree - Julian Kreiser

Ulm University

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 1pm/online

Julian Kreiser has succeeded in the disputation of a dissertation with the title Projection-Driven Medical Visualization.
The examination board comprised Timo Ropinski (Medieninformatik, UUlm), Anna Vilanova Bartroli (Eindhoven University of Technology) , Enrico Rukzio (Medieninformatik, UUlm), Volker Rasche (Internal Medicine II, Ulm Medical Center), and the head of the examination board, Manfred Reichert.

The research group Visual Computing and the entire institute of media informatics congratulate him cordially!


Abstract: Projection techniques are one of the fundamental methods to transform data and make it available to the viewer when it comes to medical visualization. In this context, the type of data involved is spatial, such as CT volumes or ultrasound scans. Modern imaging modalities capture a lot of information, however, not all of it is always of great importance. Medical visualization applications often hide dispensable data and accentuate important details to focus on the individual task at hand. Combining the right information with an effective visual encoding is a difficult challenge. Nevertheless, the goal is to enable an expert to form a well-founded decision, which allows the best possible treatment of a patient.
This dissertation examines projections combined with other forms of effective visualization methods to create novel medical visualization approaches. The here presented work comprises of a survey regarding flattening-based medical visualizations, among several individual visualization techniques for specific applications. Some of the addressed medical procedures in this dissertation have so far not gained a lot of attention. We have also conducted several studies to investigate if our developed approaches successfully support the users with their tasks. Additionally, we introduce a design space for our visualizations to characterize their fundamental composition.

Doctoral cap, Kreiser, 2021, total view
Lion Man, doktoral hat, Kreiser
Accolade to lion man project.
Needle placement in liver, doktoral hat Kreiser
Accolade to research project about needle placement for liver ablation interventions.
Screenshot of J. Kreiser and doctoral committee
starting from the left top corner clockwise: Timo Ropinski, Julian Kreiser, Enrico Rukzio, Volker Rasche, Manfred Reichert and Anna Vilanova Bartroli