Research Seminar

The aim of the research seminar is to discuss current research ideas and ongoing projects in areas such as Ubicomp, Human-Computer-Interaction and Media Informatics. The seminar increases the awareness of the individual research projects, fosters collaboration, generates new research ideas and helps to challenge ongoing projects in a constructive and scientific way.

The seminar is open to any interested member of staff and / or PhD student. Master students currently working on their master project or practical project will be invited if beneficial. Furthermore the seminar provides the opportunity for the final and the preliminary presentation of master projects as well as for presentations of external guests. 


23.10.13 Discussion of research ideas and ongoing research projects / studies / etc.
30.10.13 Discussion of research ideas and ongoing research projects / studies / etc.
06.11.13 Discussion of research ideas and ongoing research projects / studies / etc.
13.11.13 Selected 10 Ubicomp 2013 paper (Bastian, Florian S., Michael) / Selected 10 UIST (Julian)
20.11.13 Final discussion of CHI rebuttals
27.11.13 Selected 5 ITS (Julian), Selected 5 Interact (Julian), Selected 5 Mobile HCI (Enrico) paper
04.12.13 Discussing research project "pervasive projection" (Master project of Pascal Knierim)
11.12.13 Discussing research project "extended mobile interaction" (Master project of Sebastian Gentner)
18.12.13 Discussing research project "See-Through AR-Glasses" (group project)
15.01.14 Interactive projected TV system (follow up on students projects of Dennis Wolf and Kathrin Osswald)
22.01.14 Talk by Niels Henze (University of Stuttgart) on Research through deployed systems (O27/2203, 10:15-11:45)
29.01.14 Discussion of ongoing projects: for Ubicomp, diary study, etc.
05.02.14 Talk by Alexander de Luca (University of Munich) on Usable and Secure Interaction with Mobile Devices (O27/2203, 10:15-11:45)
12.02.14 Gesture Study (Florian), Piano (Bastian), PriPref (Bastian), Hoverpad / TV Interaction (Julian)
19.02.14 Privacy Aware User Interfaces (planned studies, ongoing work: Bastian)
25.02.14 Talk by Sebastian Boring (University of Copenhagen) on Interactive Public Displays – Tracking Technologies and Sensing Concepts for Deployment in Many Spaces
05.03.14 Investigating Interaction Performance on a Novel Handheld Near-Eye Display Device (David)
12.02.14 Near Eye Displays: ideas (David), Extended Mobile Interaction: study design (Sebastian Gentner)


Members of the Institute (Research Associates, Professors)

Individual master students will be invited  

Location / Time

Room: 027/331

Time: Wednesdays 12:00 - 13:30