Orientation semester

  • Registration and enrolment

    You are eligible if you have a higher education entrance qualification (usually Abitur) and have not been previously enrolled in a degree programme or a preparatory course at a German higher education institution. You need to apply for enrolment online and pay the fees and contributions until 31 March at the latest.

    Click here to enrol online!

    Please make sure that you click 'no degree pursued' in step three (Degree) of the online enrolment process.

  • Preparation in Mathematics

    Most study programmes require good knowledge in Mathematics. To refresh your school knowledge we recommend you attend our two-week University Training Camp in March or the Online Mathematics Bridging Course (OMB+).

  • Process

    • Apply for enrolment online until 31 March at the latest.
    • If you can, attend the University Training Camp, which is usually held in the second half of March. Alternatively, we recommend the Online Mathematics Bridging Course (OMB+) to brush up on your Mathematics knowledge from school.
    • Before the lecture period begins you will create a semester plan dependent on your study objectives and scheduled courses. You will receive further information on this after your enrolment. An academic advisor will help you with your plan.
    • Attend the subject-specific courses and examinations.
    • Towards the end of the semester the academic advisor will invite you to discuss your study progress and help you come to a decision on what pathway to choose.
    • If you decide on a study programme with restricted admission, you need to apply until 15 July at the latest. Should you choose a study programme without admission restriction at Ulm University, you need to re-register until 10 August and apply to change into the respective programme.
    • We recommend that you discuss with the academic advisor which courses to attend. Deciding factors will be which exams of the orientation semester can be credited towards your degree and which courses you can attend without scheduling conflicts.