ATRACO - Adaptive and Trusted Ambient Ecologies

The aim of this project is to research the factors and develop the technologies that will lead to the realisation of Adaptive and Trusted Ambient Ecologies (ATRACOs), following an interdisciplinary effort which involves Computer Science, HCI, AI, Control Theory and Sociology.

Key factors of the ATRACO problem space that will be examined include adaptation, interoperability, context awareness, user interaction and dynamicity of trust

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EU-STREP ICT-1-8.2   FET Proactive 2: Pervasive Adaptation
Proposal No: 216837

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  • University of Ulm, D (Coordinator)
  • University of Essex, UK
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, GR
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, F
  • inAccess Networks, GR