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BMBF Research Grant for TRANSNAV

Ulm University

Multimodal 3D Navigation System for Transvascular Interventions

The Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung gratifies a research grant to support our interdisciplinary research project entitled Multimodal 3D Navigation System for Transvascular Interventions.

The project aims at the planning, implementation, and documentation of catheter based transvascular interventions with computeraided visualisations. We will develop visualisation techniques which will enhance the performance of these interventions. Moreover, we will include documentation processes that will enable an post operational analysis and learning.

The Visual Computing Group will in particular work on specialized visualization, navigation, and motion compensation techniques. The developments will be realized through our Inviwo framework. Besides the Visual Computing Group, the project work will be conducted by a consortium formed by the following organizations: University Hospital Ulm, Mevis Medical Solutions AG, Mediri GmbH, 100 Shapes GmbH.