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With the Teaching Mission Statement, Ulm University formulates its demands on the quality and goals of teaching. At Ulm University, there are already many good examples of teaching that meet the high standards of Ulm University for a course of study (see, among other things, prize-worthy teaching). For all those who are looking for innovative ideas for their teaching, Ulm University offers a wide range of continuing education and counselling services. The main contact and route to the courses is the Center for Teaching Development (ZLE). The ZLE bundles all interdisciplinary programs and activities for teaching. Workshops, individual consultations and sit-in-classes are tailored to the respective teaching situation and personal needs. In this way, lecturers at Ulm University can receive individual and personal, subject- and target group-specific further training.

Below you will find a selection from the extensive range of further education and consulting services for lecturers at Ulm University.

Further training and counselling for teachers

Good practices from teaching

There are many examples of good and innovative teaching at Ulm University, which we would like to present to you here. These can serve as an inspiration for you better synergies, or to find project partners for future projects. Some of the good practice examples have already been presented at Tag der Lehre or an idea fair and were met with great interest. - Online learning platform is a multifaceted learning platform where you can take various online courses for personal or professional development. The best part? Ulm University provides this service free of charge.

Predominant are courses on IT, programming, various software tutorials (PowerPoint, Excel, LaTex and many more), web design and business and management courses. But there are also many other topics covered, such as e-learning, photography, personal development or design. The courses are offered by volunteer experts who not only create high-quality course offerings but also impart their knowledge with great fun and commitment.

The Department of University Didactics offers lecturers at Ulm University a contact point for all aspects of university teaching. To this end, the department offers standardized or individually tailored training courses, workshops, consultations and other forms of further education for different target groups. You can register directly for the workshops offered via the website of the Department of University Didactics.

The e-learning portal offers a contact point for consulting services for first insights into digital teaching as well as target group-specific workshops on tools, functions and tips on the topic of e-learning.

You will receive personal support on how to implement e-learning services specifically for your project. In collaboration, we develop concepts for a didactically meaningful e-learning application, present to you appropriate software and technology solutions and advise you on your questions regarding copyright.

The aim of our workshops is to support you in a didactically sensible and effective use of e-learning. In addition to detailed workshops on Moodle, we also regularly offer you the opportunity to get to know exciting didactic scenarios (e.g. Flipped Classroom).

Entering the teaching profession is a challenge in academic life. With the „Crash-Course Week of Teaching Entry“, a new compact format of the Center for Teaching Development (ZLE), our teaching beginners at Ulm University receive guidance and assistance for a better start into a competent teaching practice.

The one-week program is composed of several workshops, in which you will receive guidance and assistance for your courses and goals as well as important background information especially about teaching at Ulm University. In the workshops on basic didactic principles and e-learning you will have the opportunity to reflect on your teaching project and your role and tasks as a teacher, to exchange ideas with other new teachers at Ulm University and to try out new things.

The name K.I.K.s of this highly innovative program stands for "Collegial and individual short formats for professional teaching". In future, nothing will stand in the way of exciting lectures at Ulm University. This is because Ulm University’s teaching didactics (UULM PRO MINT & MED) supports professors who want to develop their teaching skills. Using the various "building blocks" of the K.I.K.s, teachers can thus exchange information about everyday teaching, receive individual didactic advice in personal discussions or receive targeted feedback for individual courses.

Learn more about the K.I.K.s for teaching here.

Legal issues often arise in connection with e-learning. These concern particularly the areas of copyright and data protection law. On the pages on legal issues you will find a first point of contact for legal issues related to e-learning. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly on this page.

The team of the OER-Agency will support you free of charge in the publication and legally compliant revision of your ideas as OER. In addition, the team also helps you to prepare and publish your teaching materials as OER - Open Educational Resources.
Ulm University has joined the joint project OERdigital@BW of the University of Tübingen and HAW Reutlingen in March 2019 and has established an internal OER agency. In this project, university members are assisted with offering their own Open Educational Resources on a central platform and also with searching for new content there in order to use it freely.

This advanced training program offers employees of Ulm University the opportunity to register for a variety of different workshops and courses. These are programs about work practice as well as for managers, scientists and trainees. In addition, courses on languages, occupational safety and courses on work and family life balance are offered.
You can find more detailed information about the extensive training offer and registration here.

Internal training program for employees