Biology Master

Application period for the online application
for the winter semester: 15 January to 15 March (deadline)

Applications and all required documents which are sent to Ulm University by email will not be accepted. Please send your application and relevant documents in paper form by regular mail. They must have been received by Ulm University, 89081 Ulm, no later than the last day of the application period.

Ulm University

Abt. II-1 Zulassung

89081 Ulm


Access Requirements Biology Master

1) Proof of a bachelor's degree with above-average examination results in the study programmes in biology or biochemistry or any other study programme with essentially the same content at any higher education institution in Germany or abroad –or any degree recognised as equivalent— with a standard period of study of three or more years.

2) Proof of above-average examination results can be

  • a bachelor's degree with a final grade of 2.5 or better or, where this has not yet been established,
  • an average of 2.8 or better of all examination results obtained by the date of application; the volume thereof must be equivalent to 120 or more credit points

3) Essential skills in cell biology, physiology, ecology and molecular biology (incl. microbiology and genetics).  These essential skills may be gained by completing and passing the preparatory course offered by Ulm University

4) Proof of adequate English language competence

    This can be the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with

  • 88 points (internet-based TOEFL), or
  • any comparable proof (e.g. IELTS 6.5), or
  • proof that applicants are native speakers of English, or
  • that they completed their academic studies in English, or
  • that they gained a minimum of 6 ECTS from academic courses taught in English during their studies at a higher education institution.

Required Documents Master's Programme Biology

Please submit the printout of the online application together with the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Data view (data protocol)
  • Copy of the bachelor's degree in biology or biochemistry or any other programme with essentially the same content and a transcript of records of the examinations taken during the bachelor's programme with the final grade of your bachelor's degree.
  • If the bachelor's degree has not yet been granted: copy of the transcript of records of all programme achievements and examination results obtained in the course of studies up to the end of the application period.
  • Grading system of your studies abroad indicating the minimum grade required for passing the bachelor's degree as well as the highest grade possible. If this information is not given in the degree certificate/transcript, it must be provided separately in an official document or letter.
  • Copy of the official translation of the documents into English or German (if the originals are not in German or English).
  • Proof of adequate English skills: English as native language or TOEFL with 570/230/88 pts paper-based/computer-based/internet-based or other comparable proof (e.g. IELTS with an overall band score of at least 6.5) or proof of at least 6 credit points obtained in academic courses taught in English at a higher education istitution or proof of academic studies in English.
  • For applicants with Chinese/Vietnamese/Mongolian degree: valid APS certificate (original) issued by the Academic Evaluation Office
  • Form requesting subject-specific additional information

Bachelorabsolventen der Universität Ulm

Wenn Sie einen Bachelor in Biologie oder einen Bachelor in Biochemie der Universität Ulm haben, ist keine Bewerbung erforderlich. Sie stellen im Studiensekretariat einen Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel, sobald Sie den Bachelor abgeschlossen haben und die Zugangskriterien für Master Biology entsprechend der Zulassungssatzung  (Bachelorabschlussnote mindestens 2,5 plus Englischkenntnisse) erfüllen. 

Antrag auf Studiengangwechsel