PRECIOSA - PRivacy Enabled Capability In Co-Operative Systems and Safety Applications

Research and development in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) currently focuses on the next generation of technology in transportation. Co-operative Systems is the key term which includes a new way to collaborate between individual travellers, the operators of transport systems, and service providers, all equipped with state-of-the-art technology. By introducing Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), and Vehicle to X (V2X) communication, new potential is opened up to improve safe and “green” mobility.  
 This type of co-operative system requires mobile and ad hoc networks. For deployment success, an inevitable prerequisite is the availability of secure and safe communication with assured privacy. Co-operative systems involve the handling of location and user information. Thus some core functions in co-operative systems include – if required or permitted - the identification of traveller movements (e.g. to draw conclusions about the traffic status). 
Consequently questions of privacy are inherently connected to co-operative intelligent transport systems whether they are public services, private services, or basic system functions. Yet the requirements of observing moving patterns as well as assuring privacy seem contradictory.


The goal of PRECIOSA is to demonstrate that co-operative systems can comply with future privacy regulations by demonstrating that an example application can be endowed with technologies for suitable privacy protection of the location related data of individuals.
The major objectives of the PRECIOSA project are to:
•    define an approach for the privacy evaluation of co-operative systems in terms of communication privacy and data storage privacy,
•    define a privacy aware architecture for co-operative systems which involves suitable trust models and ontologies, a V2V privacy verifiable architecture, and a V2I privacy verifiable architecture, and which includes the architecture components for protection, infringement detection, and auditing,
•    define and validate guidelines for privacy aware co-operative systems,
•    investigate specific challenges for privacy.


Proposal No: IST-224201

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  • Trialog (Coordinator)
  • Humboldt Universtät Berlin
  • Oracle
  • PTV
  • Universität Ulm


Frank Kargl