Lecture Course: Game Engine Technologies, Winter Semester 2016/17

Teaser zu Veranstaltung Game-Engine-Technologien


To know the basic concepts and algorithms used in modern game engines in order to create interactive three-dimensional worlds. To have a solid understanding of the theory as well as the practical implementations in order to use existing game engines or further expand upon them. 


The course covers some of the basics in technologies for modern game engines. The focus will lie on advanced graphical effects and the acceleration of rendering large virtual worlds. The lectures in the course will cover the theoretical parts of the different algorithms involved, and then in the exercises this theory will be put into practice. The practical implementation is done in C / C++ in combination with the OpenGL graphics API. Some examples of topics that are handled in the course include:

  • Scene Graphs
  • Visibility Determination / Culling
  • Level-Of-Detail (LOD)
  • Collision Detection and Physical Models
  • Skeletal Animation and Skinning
  • Character AI


The exercises will be interleaved with the given lectures.


On Wednesdays: 10 - 12 cet; Room O29/LGM-2004 (Lecture)

On Tuesdays: 12 - 14 cet; Room O28/H21 (Exercise)

First Lecture: Wednesday, 10/19/2016, 10 cet


Informatik, B.Sc., Schwerpunkt
Informatik, M.Sc., Kernfach/Praktische und Angewandte Informatik
Medieninformatik, B.Sc., Schwerpunkt Medieninformatik
Medieninformatik, M.Sc., Kernfach/Mediale Informatik
Softwareengineering, M.Sc., Kernfach/Praktische und Angewandte Informatik

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