Awards - Research Group Human-Computer Interaction, Prof. Dr Rukzio


M. Sauter, T. Wagner, T. Hirzle, B. Xin Lin, E. Rukzio and A. Huckauf, "Behind the Screens: Exploring Eye Movement Visualization to Optimize Online Teaching and Learning", Proceedings of Mensch und Computer 2023, 2023.


Tobias Müller*, Mark Colley*, Gülsemin Dogru and Enrico Rukzio, "AR4CAD: Creation and Exploration of a Taxonomy of Augmented Reality Visualization for Connected Automated Driving", Proceedings of the 24rd International Conference on Mobile Human-Computer Interaction (MobileHCI '22), 2022, ACM.

* Joint First Authors

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Screenshot zu Wettbewerbsbeitrag "The Social Engineer"

Audience Choice Award: CHI Play 2020 Student Game Design Competition

Pascal Jansen and Fabian Fischbach, "The Social Engineer: An Immersive Virtual Reality Educational Game to Raise Social Engineering Awareness", In Extended Abstracts of the 2020 Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play (CHI PLAY '20), 2020. ACM


Long-term Contribution Recognition MobileHCI 2018

Award was received for: Robert Hardy and Enrico Rukzio, "Touch & Interact: Touch-Based Interaction of Mobile Phones with Displays", 10th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI '08), 2008, ACM.

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Photo: ShareVR

Honourable Mention IEEE VR 2018

Jan Gugenheimer, Evegeny Stemasov, Julian Frommel and Enrico Rukzio, "A Demonstration of ShareVR: Co-Located Experiences for Virtual Reality Between HMD and Non-HMD Users", 2018 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 2018, IEEE.

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David Dobbelstein, Steffen Herrdum, and Enrico Rukzio, "InScent: A Wearable Olfactory Display as an Amplification for Mobile Notifications", Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC '17), 2017, ACM.

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Photo: ShareVR
Gugenheimer J, Stemasov E, Frommel J, Rukzio E. ShareVR: Enabling Co-Located Experiences for Virtual Reality between HMD and Non-HMD Users. In Proc. of CHI 2017 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems). 2017 Mai;      [DOI]  [Weblink]  [Weblink]      [Datei] 


Winner of AudiAppChallenge

Three of our students (Alex Bäuerle, Philipp Henzler und Andreas Reiter) won the Audi App Challenge 2015/2016 with their app midosa, which was developed within the human-computer-interaction project supervised by Marcel Walch, Philipp Hock, and Enrico Rukzio.

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Best Industrial Paper Award, EuroVR 2015

M. Otto, P. Agethen, F. Geiselhart and E. Rukzio, "Towards ubiquitous tracking: Presenting a scalable, markerless tracking approach using multiple depth cameras" in In Proc. of EuroVR 2015 (European Association for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality), Best Industrial Paper award, EuroVR 2015, Milano, 2015.


Honourable Mention Award, CHI 2014

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C. Winkler, J. Seifert, D. Dobbelstein and E. Rukzio, "Pervasive Information through Constant Personal Projection: The Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display (AMP-D)" in Proc. of CHI 2014 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), ACM, 10 pages, Honorable Mention Award, Apr. 2014.

Best Student Paper Award, ITS 2014

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K. Rogers, A. Röhlig, M. Weing, J. Gugenheimer, B. Könings, M. Klepsch, F. Schaub, E. Rukzio, T. Seufert and M. Weber, "P.I.A.N.O.: Faster Piano Learning with Interactive Projection" in Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces, New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2014, pp. 149--158.


Best Note Award, ITS 2013

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C. Winkler, J. Seifert, C. Reinartz, P. Krahmer and E. Rukzio, "Penbook: Bringing Pen+Paper Interaction to a Tablet Device to Facilitate Paper-Based Workflows in the Hospital Domain", Proc. of ITS 2013 (ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces), ACM, 4 pages [Winner of Best Note Award], 2013.

Honourable Mention Award, CHI 2013

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D. Nowacka, K. Ladha, N. Y. Hammerla, D. Jackson, C. Ladha, E. Rukzio and P. Olivier, "Touchbugs: actuated tangibles on multi-touch tables." in In Proc. of CHI 2013 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), ACM, 4 pages., 2013.


Best Paper Award, CHI 2012

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N. Henze, E. Rukzio and S. Boll, "Observational and experimental investigation of typing behaviour using virtual keyboards for mobile devices." in Proc. of CHI 2012 (ACM Annual Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), ACM, 10 pages., 2012.


Best Paper Award, MobileHCI 2011

N. Henze, E. Rukzio and S. Boll, "100,000,000 Taps: Analysis and Improvement of Touch Performance in the Large." in Proc. of Mobile HCI 2011 (International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services), Winner of Best Paper Award, ACM, 10 pages., 2011.

Best Paper Award, MUM 2011

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R. Hardy, E. Rukzio, M. Wagner and P. Holleis, "MultiKit: a user interface toolkit for multi-tag applications." in In Proc. of MUM 2011 (International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia), ACM, 10 pages., 2011.


Third Place, Research Track of NFC Forum Global Competition

Robert Hardy, Enrico Rukzio, "Allowing users to describe themselves and their environment with NFC and Facebook", Demonstration at NFC Forum Global Competition at 2nd European NFC Developers Summit (WIMA 2010). Monaco. 2010.

(Price: €1000)


Most Innovative NFC Research Projekt of the Year 2008, NFC Forum Global Competition


Gold Medal Award for Best Demo, MobileHCI 2007

IEEE Percom Best Demo Award, Percom 2007