This project course is the first part in '3D Game Engine Development', a project course that will span two semesters in total, each rewarding 6 points ECTS for a total of 12 points ECTS. An additional and optional 4 points ECTS can be earned on top of this through extra tasks giving a total of 16 points ECTS.


The students will learn the processes of practical project work and to use practically relevant methods and technologies. The expertise is further developed by individual work and scientific methods and insights are applied in a practical context. Furthermore, the students will individually learn to familiarize themselves with the technologies used and to present their ideas and results in a project report and a final presentation.


After an initial introduction in project work, the students develop a game engine together. Small groups are formed to focus on different technical aspects of the game engine. After the small groups have greed upon common interfaces of the game engine to develop, the group phase begins in which the focus lies on the development of single technology modules. After a successful group phase, the individual modules will be incorporated into the game engine and a game based on the engine will be created as an example. The course is the first part of of the project 'Game Engine Development'.


  • Informatik, M.Sc., Projekt
  • Software-Engineering, M.Sc., Projekt
  • Medieninformatik, M.Sc., Anwendungsfach Visual Computing
  • Informatik, Lehramt, Wahlmodul
  • Medieninformatik, M.Sc., Projekt

Time and Location

Initial meeting:

13:15, 15.10.2015

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