Seminar: Research Trends in Media Informatics (WS18/19)

Das Bild besteht aus 5 Teilen: Teil 1 zeigt eine Person mit VR Headset, Teil 2 zeigt eine Person mit AR Headset, Teil 3 zeigt eine Person mit Hearables, Teil 4 zeigt einen Fahrsimulator, Teil 5 zeigt ein Spiel mit einem Auto

Media Informatics is a broad field spanning many research directions and topics. In this seminar we focus on research trends in human-computer interaction (HCI) in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Eye-based Interaction, Speech/Auditive User Interfaces, Automotive User Interfaces and (Serious) Games Research. This seminar aims to provide an overview of different research directions and current challenges that are focus of active research around the world and at our institute.


To successfully complete the seminar the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Written paper on a selected topic
    6-8 pages, German or English (English preferred)
  • Active participation
    Active participation in peer reviews and discussions
  • Presentation
    20 minutes, German or English


Topics will be presented in the first event.

Students are also encouraged to propose topics of their own. The proceedings of the previous RTMI seminars (RTMI'17, RTMI '16, RTMI '15, RTMI '14, RTMI'13, RTMI'12, RTMI'11, RTMI '10) may give you some ideas.


18.10. 1pmFirst meeting and topic presentation
18. - 23.10Vote for topics
24.10. 4pmTopic assignment, overview and research introduction
25. - 04.11Meeting with adviser
11.11.Submission paper proposal
12. - 18.11Proposal discussion with adviser
15.11. 4pmLaTeX introduction
08.01.Submission full paper
09.01.Assignment of reviews
22.01.Submission peer reviews
23. - 27.01.Discussion of required changes with adviser
30.01. 4pmZen presentations - or how to avoid death by PowerPoint
05.02.Submission camera ready version of paper
06. - 10.02.Discussion of presentation with adviser
14.02.RTMI conference 

submission deadline | plenary session in O27-331 | individual meetings / other