Seminar Research Trends in Media Informatics, Winter Semester 2016/17

9th Seminar on Research Trends in Media Informatics (RTMI)

Media Informatics is a broad field spanning many research directions and topics. In this seminar we focus on research trends in human-computer interaction (HCI) in autonomous driving, assistive technologies, games, virtual reality and wearable computing. This seminar aims to provide an overview of different research directions and current challenges that are focus of active research around the world and at our institute.


To successfully complete the seminar the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Written paper on a selected topic
    6-8 pages, German or English (English preferred)
  • Active participation
    Active participation in peer reviews and discussions
  • Presentation
    20 minutes, German or English


The final topic assignments can be reviewed in the Moodle course. Please contact your advisor soon to receive a list of starting papers

1Textile Interfaces and Smart ClothingDavid Dobbelstein
2Social Acceptance of Interaction with WearablesDavid Dobbelstein
3Games in VRJulian Frommel
4ExergamesJulian Frommel
5Haptic Feedback for Mobile Virtual Reality Head-Mounted DisplaysJan Gugenheimer
6Social Acceptance of Mobile Virtual Reality Head-Mounted DisplaysJan Gugenheimer
7Applying knowledge of aviation research to automated drivingPhilipp Hock
8Persuasive technologies in safety engineeringPhilipp Hock
9Understanding game addiction, analysis of state of the art games and mechanisms of persuasionPhilipp Hock
10Investigating attitudes and acceptance towards automated driving and mechanisms to increase acceptancePhilipp Hock
11Mobile Applications for Chronic Disease ManagementKatrin Plaumann
12Assistive Systems for Senior CitizensKatrin Plaumann
13Visual Redirection in Virtual RealityMichael Rietzler
14Sound FX and Player ExperienceKatja Rogers
15Designing for Negative Emotions in Video GamesKatja Rogers
16Context-Adaptive Interaction Concepts for Future VehiclesMarcel Walch
17Teammates: Cooperative Driver-Vehicle Interfaces in Autonomous DrivingMarcel Walch
18Hearables - voice user interfaces on the goGabriel Haas

Students are also encouraged to propose topics of their own. The proceedings of the previous RTMI seminars (RTMI '16, RTMI '15, RTMI '14, RTMI'13, RTMI'12, RTMI'11, RTMI '10) may give you some ideas.


David Dobbelstein (main contact)
Julia Brich
Julian Frommel
Florian Geiselhart
Gabriel Haas
Philipp Hock
Katrin Plaumann
Michael Rietzler
Katja Rogers
Marcel Walch


Capacity: 12 students

The final seminar presentations will be held as the RTMI17 mini-conference at the end of the semester.

First meeting:
Date & Time:10/25/2016   14:00


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