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3 Beiträge zu CHI PLAY 2018

Universität Ulm

Zwei Paper und Spotlight Paper bei CHI PLAY 2018 angenommen...

Das Institut für Medieninformatik ist mit drei Beiträgen auf der CHI PLAY 2018 (ACM SIGCHI Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play) in Melbourne vertreten.


Towards Emotion-based Adaptive Games: Emotion Recognition Via Input and Performance Features
Julian Frommel, Claudia Schrader, Michael Weber

Emotion-based Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Using Parameterized Difficulty and Self-Reports of Emotion
Julian Frommel, Fabian Fischbach, Katja Rogers, Michael Weber

Spotlight Paper

Exploring the Role of Non-Player Characters and Gender in Player Identification
Katja Rogers, Maria Aufheimer, Michael Weber, Lennart Nacke