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Veröffentlichung in IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)

Universität Ulm

Weakly-Supervised Optical Flow Estimation for Time-of-Flight (Schelling et al.)

Die VisCom-Gruppe des Instituts für Medieninformatik hat eine Veröffentlichung bei der kommenden anwendungsfokusierten Konferenz WACV.


Weakly-Supervised Optical Flow Estimation for Time-of-Flight
Michael Schelling, Pedro Hermosilla, Timo Ropinski

Indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) cameras are a widespread type of 3D sensor, which perform multiple captures to obtain depth values of the captured scene. While recent approaches to correct iToF depths achieve high performance when removing multi-path-interference and sensor noise, little research has been done to tackle motion artifacts. In this work we propose a training algorithm, which allows to supervise Optical Flow (OF) networks directly on the reconstructed depth, without the need of having ground truth flows. We demonstrate that this approach enables the training of OF networks to align raw iToF measurements and compensate motion artifacts in the iToF depth images. The approach is evaluated for both single- and multi-frequency sensors as well as multi-tap sensors, and is able to outperform other motion compensation techniques.