Die Nachrichten des Instituts für Medieninformatik

Five full papers and three extended abstracts accepted on CHI'2018

Universität Ulm

Full Papers:

KickAR: Exploring Game Balancing Through Boosts and Handicaps in Augmented Reality Table Football; Katja Rogers, Mark Colley, David Lehr, Julian Frommel, Marcel Walch, Lennart E. Nacke (University of Waterloo), Michael Weber 

Vanishing Importance: Studying Immersive Effects of Game Audio Perception on Player Experiences in Virtual Reality; Katja Rogers, Giovanni Ribeiro (University of Waterloo), Rina R. Wehbe (University of Waterloo), Michael Weber, Lennart E. Nacke (University of Waterloo)

Breaking the Tracking: Enabling Weight Perception using Perceivable Tracking Offsets; Michael Rietzler, Florian Geiselhart, Jan Gugenheimer, Enrico Rukzio 

Conveying the Perception of Kinesthetic Feedback in Virtual Reality using State-of-the-Art Hardware; Michael Rietzler, Florian Geiselhart, Julian Frommel, Enrico Rukzio 

FaceDisplay: Towards Asymmetric Multi-User Interaction for Nomadic Virtual Reality; Jan Gugenheimer, Evgeny Stemasov, Harpreet Sareen (MIT Media Lab), Enrico Rukzio 


Extended Abstracts:

WatchVR: Exploring the Usage of a Smartwatch for Interaction in Mobile Virtual Reality; Teresa Hirzle, Jan Rixen, Jan Gugenheimer, Enrico Rukzio 

Textile Manager: Design and Development of a Persuasive Game about Sustainable Textile Production; Katja Rogers, Michael Olah, Michael Weber 

Click or Hold: Usability Evaluation of Maneuver Approval Techniques in Highly Automated Driving; Marcel Walch, Kristin Mühl, Martin Baumann, Michael Weber