Die Nachrichten des Instituts für Medieninformatik

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt - Forschungskolloquium

Universität Ulm

Prof. Schmidt: Amplifying Human Abilities:

Digital Technologies to Enhance Perception and Cognition; Vortrag am 8. 2. 2018 im Forschungskolloquium 'Cogntive Systems'

Auf Einladung von Prof. Rukzio trägt Prof. Dr. Schmidt, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, zum Thema Blended Interaction vor.

Abstract: Historically the use and development of tools is strongly linked to human evolution and intelligence. The last 10.000 years show a stunning progress in physical tools that have transformed what people can do and how people live. Currently, we are at the beginning of an even more fundamental transformation: the use of digital tools to amplify the mind. Digital technologies provide us with entirely new opportunities to enhance the perceptual and cognitive abilities of humans. Many ideas, ranging from mobile access to search engines, to wearable devices for lifelogging and augmented realty application give as first indications of this transition. In our research we create novel digital technologies that systematically explore how to enhance human cognition and perception. Our experimental approach is to: first, understand the users in their context as well as the potential for enhancement. Second, we create innovative interventions that provide functionality that amplifies human capabilities. And third, we empirically evaluate and quantify the enhancement that is gained by these developments. It is exciting to see how ultimately these new ubiquitous computing technologies have the potential for overcoming fundamental limitations in human perception and cognition.

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