Unit 3: Remote Visualization

Presentation slides:



Documentation on remote visualization: 

VNC viewer to install on the local machine:

 Commands overview:

  • ssh -X cluster
  • module load vis/tigervnc
  • vncviewer



Exercise 1

1) bwUniCluster: Submit an interactive job
Justus: login to justus-vis01.rz.uni-ulm.de
2) Load tigervnc and start the VNC-Server
3) Connect with the VNC-Viewer
4) Load VMD and NAMD
5) There is a pdb file in the examples directory of the NAMD module.
bwUniCluster: Start VMD with the command $ vmd [path to pdb-file]
Justus: Start VMD with the command $ vglrun vmd [path to pdb-file]
7) Rotate the plot and / or change the display style

1) msub -V -I -l advres=bwhpc-workshop.65 -A workshop -l walltime=1:00:00
2) module load vis/tigervnc
3) start tightvnc and enter the login data
for Justus users: Remote host = localhost
4) module load chem/vmd
module load chem/namd
5) vglrun vmd $NAMD_EXA_DIR/apoa1/apoa1.pdb