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ADIS / BMS is the integrated library system used universally in Baden-Württemberg at universities, universities and state libraries. It forms the various business activities around the acquisition, development, furnishing and lending of library goods.

Chip card

The Ulm University’s chip card serves an identification for various functions and application in areas of the entire university. Authentication is an essential part of our services and is performed through the distribution of personalized chip cards which store personal encrypted data. Based on this authentication, the chip card infrastructure, which is connected to the university’s systems, are authorized.

Basic operation (SAP)

The service consists of the sub-areas of the basic administration SAP as well as the interface and business process management (SAP BO).

Reporting (SAP)

In the central data warehouse SAP BW of the University of Ulm, historical and up-to-date basic data from various pre-systems (including SAP ERP, HIS SOS / POS, SVA or data delivered via Excel files) are stored and used for cross-domain and area-specific analyzes edited.

SAP report tools are used to implement standardized reports as well as for more complex analyzes or ad hoc queries, to implement suitable key figures, tables and graphs, and to provide them via the SAP portal, user-specific and web-based.


Kiz uses EvaSys as well as other systems to perform lecture evaluations at Ulm University. The system allows for clear questionnaire and surveys creation, as well as automatically scanned and generated reports.

Learning platform (Moodle)

The central E-learning Platform of Ulm University is provided by Moodle – or – With Moodle, the Ulm University provides a central E-Learning Platform.

Human resources management

The personnel management system, SVA, covers all personnel and job advertisement management activities of Ulm University. It includes functions to supply various systems and statistics as well as importing billing and payroll programs and provide data for the Identity Management System (IDM) for Ulm University.

Portal kiz Web Services

Through the portal, various services for students and lecturers are available for the study and lecture.

Accounting (SAP)

The service includes the support of the SAP ERP system and the SAP modules used for this purpose from an application engineering perspective. The abbreviation ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a software solution for covering all business processes running in a company or organization. ERP integrates several business applications as well as master and movement data that are processed and stored in a central Oracle database.


With Regisafe, the functionality of the Document Management System (DMS) is provided for the central university administration. Large volumes of data can remain transparent by employing a standard filing system (implementation of file folders), integrated search mechanisms (full text, phonetics, synonyms) and assists in research done according to different criteria (files, processes, addresses, e-mail, …). The system enables the picturing of efficient workflows and ensures the revision security of the archived documents.


Kiz uses a central content management system for the university website administration (Web-CMS). A Web-CMS is a complex editorial system which offers a complete separation of content creation and maintenance of HTML technical code generation of websites.


The Legacy Web Classics is exclusively available for institutes and other faculties within the continuing operation of older websites. The websites are created offline as HTML files with an optional editor by the author: Lastly, the website can be transferred to a web server directory together with the required image files.

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