Teaching evaluation system (EvaSys)

Service Category: Teaching & Learning Support

With EvaSys, surveys can be conducted paper-based and online. The system enables convenient web-based creation of surveys and the questionnaires used for them, as well as automated scanning of paper-based responses at specially set-up scanning stations. The evaluation of the surveys and the preparation of the results are carried out via a comfortable report generator. Alternatively, the raw data can be exported.

EvaSys is used in the context of routine course evaluations (including surveys on study conditions, alumni surveys, seminar evaluations).

The LVE Helper (course helper) is a subsystem of Evasys. It was developed by kiz and functions as a software module for managing courses that are to be evaluated between the LSF database and Evasys.

Login: EvaSys

Performance features

  • Surveys of the following types may be conducted under licence:
    • Teaching evaluation (courses, programmes, modules)
    • Surveys on study conditions
    • Alumni surveys
    • Seminar evaluation
  • Conduct surveys in the following variants:
    • Paper bound
      • Cover sheet procedure
        Duplicable questionnaire template for surveys
      • Self-print
        Each questionnaire has a unique ID
    • Online with TAN per participant
    • Online with solution
    • Hybrid surveys (online and paper-based)
  • Time-controlled by specifying
    • Start of the survey
    • First reminder
    • Second reminder
    • End of the survey
  • Web-based access for survey creators and participants
  • Creation of the questionnaires by the client in two alternative ways:
    • VividForms Editor (web-basiert)
      The VividForms Editor is integrated into the EvaSys web interface and is available to every user online for creating questionnaires. For this, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed in a current version and the pop-ups for the EvaSys backend must be allowed. The company recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as the browser.
  • Repository of questionnaires or questions that are used in several surveys. A distinction can be made between system-wide accessible and customer-specific templates.
  • Scanning of paper-based questionnaires at a special scanning station. The scanning station is located in a locked, separate room and can only be used after registration. The key can be obtained upon presentation (deposit) of the membership card of the University of Ulm.
  • For scanned questionnaires, handwritten entries in free text fields can optionally be recognised via OCR or ICR (segmented handwriting fields). By default, handwritten entries can also be anonymised manually.
  • Automatic evaluation of surveys (standard report as PDF or HTML).
  • Export (SPSS, SPHINX, CSV) of raw data for processing in external statistical programmes or with self-created tools
  • Connection of external systems via EvaSys-specific plugins or a SOAP interface (Moodle connector, CoronaNG, LVE helper)
  • Validation and verification of surveys There can be automatic or manual validation and verification of the ticked questions. Automatic detection discards individual questions if their crosses are ambiguous. With manual detection, unclear answers are displayed and their validity must be decided by the user.
  • Subsystem: LVE-Helper

User groups

All members of the University of Ulm who wish to conduct surveys on the survey types listed in the service characteristics.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365
Announced maintenance every Friday 7:30 - 8:30 a.m., regular downtime here mostly < 5 min.

Application modalities

  • Evasys

A personal account must be set up in EvaSys for the creation and administration of surveys. For this purpose, an informal application must be sent to the kiz helpdesk by telephone or e-mail.

  • LVE-Helper

Only employees of the Teaching Evaluation Unit administer the contents of the system. Requests for changes must be submitted to them.

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be made for the service.

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