Project development & digital transformation

Head: Dr. Genoveva Schmidtmann

The team deals with the introduction of new IT systems for university processes.

Current projects in this context are:

    With the admissions module, all steps of the application and admissions process will be managed with HISinOne in an integrated system in the future. Processes will be optimised and digitalised in close cooperation with the Admissions Department and the Dean of Students Office.
  • DokVerU

    The DokVerU project aims to introduce a central doctoral management system for the administration of all doctoral procedures of the entire university and to accompany it until the transition to regular operation. As part of the university's digitization initiative, the system to be introduced is primarily intended to facilitate the needs-based administration of doctoral students and the implementation of doctoral procedures by the doctoral secretariats. The potential for automating processes and procedures inherent in digitization will directly benefit the supervision, advising and support of doctoral candidates. In addition, a unified database is expected to significantly improve the quality of statistical data for fulfilling university reporting obligations or evaluations and analyses in the context of a research information system.