Scientific Software & Compute Services

Head: Dipl.-Phys. Jürgen Salk

Kiz's Scientific Software & Compute Services (SSCS) team advises and assists research groups and students in all aspects of technical and scientific computing and visualization.

In addition to operational obligations, we have a core competency in installing, configuring, and offering scientific applications and development tools for a wide variety of research areas in HPC (high-performance computing) environments.

The University is a project partner of the Baden-Württemberg High Performance Computing Center (bwHPC) and maintains a research cluster (bwForCluster) in the field of computational chemistry; we therefore place a special emphasis on computer-based methods in quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics.

Our team, in cooperation with the other universities in the state, supplies basic high-performance computing capacity for academic purposes and provides user support for the bwUnicluster.

Furthermore, we provide individual support in the development and implementation of strategies on how to make the best use of existing computing capacity within the HPC einvironment. Working closely together with users and research groups, our aim is to let as wide an academic audience as possible benefit from the advantages of high-performance computing.

We also ensure that the University community has optimal access to University and state-wide software licenses, which entitle University members to receive a discount on high-quality software used for educational and research purposes.