Poster Printing

In order to print a poster on kiz's output devices, you have the option to send it to our printing system either by self-printing (requires a printing authorization of your device as well as configuration work on your device) or you can submit your poster as PDF file to our service printing & finishing.

Create a poster

Create your poster in the size in which you would like to print it right from the beginning (see also the table paper sizes (PDF). Otherwise problems will occure when scaling the poster afterwards. The paperrolls used by us have a printable width of 145 cm and a length of approx. 30 m. In Powerpoint only a maximum length of 134 cm can be set up.

Poster preview

Please check your poster before printing to avoid misprints that take a lot of time.

If you do not print the poster directly, please check the PDF file before you submit it to our Order Acceptance Printing and Media Services.

If you are using self-service printing in the network, please proceed as follows: Please choose the relevent settings (printer queue, paper size ...) and then print the poster in a document. Open the created Postscript document with Ghostview. Ghostview versions for different opertaing systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) can be downloaded here Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview.

Imported graphics need to be checked if they are complete because they are a frequent source of errors.

In order to view the poster completely in Ghostview please select the setting "formate" in the menue, then select the option "user-defined" and specify the the poster size in 1/72 inch: In 1/72-Inch a width of 2383 and a height of 3370 is the equivalent of DIN A0. Futher measurements can be found in the table paper sizes (PDF).

Poster print out (self-printing)

When printing posters please note following directions:

  • Select the option "adjust to paper size". Ignoring this option is a frequent source of errors.
  • Rendering Intent
    You can choose the way how the colour related data in your files are converted into printable colours differientiated between raster and vector data. There are following possibilities:
    • Relative Colormetric preserves colours within the printable colour space including the correction of the whitepoint.
    • Absolute Colormetric preserves colours within the printable colour space without the correction of the whitepoint.
    • Perceptual is most suitable for photo realistic pictures because it preserves the Farbabstandsverhältnisse.
    • Saturation preserves the saturation of the colours but changes their brightness.
    • Spot Color creates the biggest possible saturation.
  • User-defined paper format
    with this setting you can create your own format.  Please do not change the default setting "short side first" as paper feed direction and select the desired measurements. The largest possible width is limited to a printable width of 1495 mm and a length of approx. 15 m.
  • Paper formate and printable area
    Here applies a simple rule: the paper size and printable area are identical, no edges are generated and no unwanted scaling created. There are no alterations to the chosen format. This is different to many PPDs of the printer manufacturers. Dort wird häufig von Blattmedien ausgegangen, die prinzipiell nicht bis an den Rand bedruckt weden können, obwohl das Papier von der Rolle kommt.

Poster cutting

Posters will be cut to match the chosen paper format. Any edge markings that you may add will be considered a part of your poster since we cannot know what your intentions may be.

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