Project management system (Redmine)

Service Category: Email, Calendar & Collaboration

The service provides a web-based platform for project management of academic and non-academic projects in a university context. The service is provided in cooperation with the University of Konstanz.

Login: Redmine

Note: Please use your mail address as your user name to log in to Redmine. Login with the kiz account user name is not possible for technical reasons.

Performance features

  • Manage activities: to-do lists, goals, open items and deadlines, assignment of responsibilities, possibility to record progress or open and made decisions.
  • Storage of files for documentation of the various project steps
  • Project-related wiki for joint editing of documents
  • News area for the central distribution of news in the project
  • Discussion forums
  • Project time recording
  • Management of project members and access rights
  • Connection to external version control systems (SVN, CVS)

User Groups

  • Members and affiliates of the University of Ulm or all persons who have a kiz account.
  • External project participants without a kiz account on request

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application modalities

In principle, no separate application is required to use the service. Only a kiz account is required to log into Redmine.

Users without a kiz account (e.g. externals working on a project) can be granted access. This must be applied for informally by the person responsible for the project at the kiz.

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be made for the service.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

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