Ticket system (KIX Pro)

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KIX Pro is a web-based ticket system that maps the ITIL processes incident management and request fulfilment for the kiz. Incidents and requests can be recorded, structured and processed via different communication channels such as e-mail, telephone and customer frontend. In this way, KIX serves the comprehensible, uniform and transparent organisation of workflows in customer care.

Login: KIX Customer portal

Performance features

  • Web-based customer portal: All customers with a kiz account can log in to the customer portal, place new tickets for requests and incidents, check the processing status and call up completed processed tickets.
  • Web-based ticket system for agents: All employees of the kiz and, for historical reasons, some other facilities of the university are authorised to use the system. A rights and roles concept has been implemented, which differentiates between agents with administrative, 1st level (helpdesk), 2nd level and team-specific access rights or views. The role concept also logically separates the workspace of the kiz from that of the historical co-users, such as different clients.
  • Tickets can be assigned to different support levels and processed jointly by several agents. For the kiz area, a uniform workflow is used throughout the kiz.
  • The service catalogue of the kiz is stored in KIX. The queue structure is also based on the services. All tickets are categorised, i.e. the affected service is assigned, the ticket type is selected and the priority is assigned.
  • KIX offers audit-proof processing of requests and incidents and also documents the course of communication in the tick history. Access to closed processes is possible over a finite period of time.
  • The processing status as well as the closing of a ticket can be mapped with different statuses and time specifications, such as wait for reminder (as a resubmission function), wait for successful closing, etc.
  • Create tabular and graphical reports that evaluate the use of the ticket system as well as the number and type of tickets according to time periods, services, etc.
  • A knowledge database is created on the basis of the incoming requests and incidents: A distinction is made between internal FAQs that can be accessed via the customer portal and those that are freely available on the Internet.

User groups

Backend (agent function): Employees of the kiz
Frontend (customer portal): All persons with kiz account

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Installations of new versions and maintenance work are carried out at irregular intervals during off-peak periods.

Application modalities

The use of the customer portal is possible without application, but is limited to holders of a kiz account.

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be made for the service.

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