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The service includes the support of the SAP ERP system and the SAP modules used for it from an application perspective. The abbreviation ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and describes a software solution for covering all business processes running in a company or organisation. ERP integrates several business applications as well as master and transaction data, which are processed and stored in a central Oracle database.

Interfaces to other systems are implemented and managed via the SAP PO (= Process Orchestration) system.

Performance features

The following modules are used in SAP ERP at the University of Ulm:

  • FI (Financial Accounting)
  • FI-AA (asset accounting)
  • CO (Controlling, Cost Accounting)
  • PSM-FM (Funds Management)
  • PSM-GM (Grants Management)
  • MM (Materials Management - Procurement)
  • SD (Sales and Distribution)

The services include:

1. error analysis

  • Assistance with technical application problems as well as error messages from the application reported by users.
  • Root cause analysis and solution provision (including searching for and importing SAP notes, implementation and configuration changes, customer messages to SAP) as well as problem and solution documentation
  • Creation, administration and processing of customer messages via SAP Service Marketplace
  • Creation of change requests and their transport
  • In the case of serious problems, processing together with users from Department IV and external SAP consultants
  • Error analysis and correction following the import of regular patches and updates into SAP ERP
  • Processing of application-related interface problems (concern "interface management via SAP PO" and LSMW). LSMW as part of the SAP system is a cross-application component. It has standard interfaces for reading data into the application modules.
  • Application-related analysis and solution of runtime errors

2. programming

  • Programming (e.g. installation of validations)
  • Adapt forms
  • ERP interface programming (e.g. reading in Excel files)
  • Developments for new requirements (e.g. customer-specific reports)
  • Mass maintenance of master data (if not possible with standard tools)
  • Setting up and customising background jobs for users

3. Customizing

  • Customizing together with key users from Department IV for new requirements (e.g. dunning, new purchaser, etc.).
  • For more difficult cases, processing together with the users from department IV and external SAP consultants.

4. Workflow

  • Adaptation and improvement of workflows
  • Monitoring of the workflows

User groups

Employees of the Central University Administration (ZUV), in particular of Department IV - Finance.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Offline maintenance work on productive systems is generally carried out from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

Maintenance work on development and test systems may also be carried out during the week.

Application modalities

Access to the SAP ERP is requested in writing via the respective head of department or the head of Department IV - Finance.

After approval by the management, the application is sent by e-mail to the address to the responsible SAP administrator of the kiz. The application must contain at least:

  • Name and contact details
  • the roles to be authorised
  • the period of validity of the access authorisation

If access to the SAP ERP is requested by an employee who does not belong to Department IV, the approval of the head of Department IV is required in any case.

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be made for the service.

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