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E-learning on information security

In cooperation with SoSafe GmbH, we can offer you a broad and very attractive range of further training in the areas of IT security and data protection. The learning contents are prepared in twenty short topic-specific modules (e.g. behaviour in the home office, recognising phishing e-mails, etc.), which enable you to follow individual learning paths. In order to provide you with the best possible introduction to the subject area, the interactively designed contents are explained using practical examples. A distinction is made between basic modules (primarily for beginners) and advanced modules (users with user knowledge). Following the learning modules, you can repeat the essential learning content in a short quiz. Once you have successfully completed all modules, you can receive an individual certificate of achievement.

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How can I access the offer?

You can access the offer via the training portal of our service provider SoSafe. Please register first with your company e-mail address and an individual password. As this is not a direct service of the kiz, we strongly recommend that you do not use the same password as for your kiz account. After registration, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. After successful confirmation, you can log in to the training portal.

Who can use the offer?

The offer is aimed at employees of the University of Ulm (without pre-clinic).

Problems with the login?

Please contact the helpdesk of the kiz in case of problems.

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