Printer instructions for students

Accounting of printing costs

For printouts on printers of the kiz (e.g. in the computer labs) students have a free quota of currently 16 Euro per year for the period 01.01. to 31.12. An unused free quota cannot be transferred to the following year. The free quota is financed from the student proposal budget of the quality assurance funds.

The print quota can be increased at the self-service terminals at any time using the electronic exchange on the chip card or just displayed. To increase the print quota, a corresponding amount of funds must be available on the card (see chip card). The purchased print quota is credited to the kiz account as purchased printer points and is immediately available for printouts.
You can trigger a display of your total available print quota by holding your student card at a release station of any printer without a print job.
You can find detailed information on your print quota (e.g. settled print jobs,  increase print quota) at:

Login: Printing system Uni Ulm

At the end of your studies you can apply for a refund of the privately paid and unused printing credit. Please contact our Helpdesk.

For complaints about charged print jobs please contact our Helpdesk.

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