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Electronic Journals Library: EZB

With a few exceptions (see separate platforms), the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) lists all e-journals from local (kiz or university), regional and national licenses and can be opened immediately. However, tables of contents and/or abstracts are often available for journals that have not been licensed for our institution. In addition, many titles freely available on the EZB's website are documented. More and more journals publish a part of their articles for a fee within the framework of Open Access models. These full texts will also be available via the EZB.

Separate Platforms

IEEE Xplore

Journals, Magazines und Conference Proceedings zur Elektrotechnik, Informatik und Elektronik.


The full-text journal database PsycARTICLES of the American Psychological Association (APA) contains more than 40,000 articles from 70 journals published by APA and other leading publishers and organizations. Contributions from all areas of psychology, including basic research, are documented. Most of the articles published since 1985 are covered.

Law literature

The databases Juris and Beck Online licensed by the kiz contain numerous e-journals on legal topics. These can be found directly via the search interfaces of the databases:

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