WLAN AccessPoints / Hotspots an der Uni Ulm

On the university campus WLAN-AccessPoints/Hotspots may only be operated by the kiz. An access point is everything that accepts WLAN connections from end devices. Foreign WLAN access points will be removed by the kiz. The kiz has the radio sovereignty in the buildings of the University of Ulm!

Backgrounds, why foreign WLAN access points are not allowed:

  • Security: A "non-kiz" access point connected to the Uninetz undermines the central protection mechanisms in the data network, as it represents a back door to the internal Uninetz.
  • Technical aspects: WLAN access points operate in a limited, jointly used radio frequency range (radio channels), therefore the radio channels and the respective transmission powers must be coordinated for all access points used on the university campus.

If the WLAN coverage in a university area is not sufficient, please send a mail to our Helpdesk.


Service Category: Network & Connectivity

The kiz operates a wireless LAN (WLAN or radio network) which enables members and guests of the university to access the campus network and the internet with mobile devices like notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Most lecture halls and seminar rooms as well as public areas are covered by WLAN access points. The wireless network appears in the network environment of the terminals with two different identifiers (SSID): eduroam or welcome.

Eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide roaming access service developed for the international academic and scientific community. Members of the University of Ulm can log into the WLAN networks of participating institutions with their kiz account and thus gain access to the Internet. Conversely, members of other institutions can log into the eduroam WLAN in Ulm with the account of their home institution. In order to use eduroam, a suitable configuration of the terminal device is required.

Since not all terminals support eduroam and access is restricted to members of the University of Ulm and participants of the eduroam network, there is also the free and unencrypted WLAN welcome.

Terms of use: eduroam | welcome

Performance features

  • Provision of a mobile data access to the campus network and the internet alternatively with eduroam or welcome.
  • Access to the free WLAN welcome in the radio coverage area. Assigned IP addresses are not from the primary IPv4 address range (134.60/16) of the University of Ulm.
  • Access to the eduroam WLAN for members and guests (from other institutions participating in eduroam) provided that the WLAN interface of the terminal device is appropriately configured.
  • The net data rate available to the individual user depends largely on the number of other users in the same radio cell (shared medium).
  • Provision of information about the facilities participating in eduroam as well as documentation on the configuration of the terminal devices. In addition, profile files for common end devices are provided for download.
  • The coverage of the campus with WLAN access points and their adequate dimensioning is continuously monitored and adjusted if necessary. Enquiries regarding upgrades and retrofits can be sent via e-mail to the helpdesk of the kiz.
  • Support for questions regarding the configuration of the mobile device via e-mail to the helpdesk of the kiz or with the device on site at the IT consultation hour.

User groups

  • Members of the University of Ulm and other persons in the field of radio coverage
  • Members of other institutions participating in the eduroam network

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application modalities

To access the WLAN eduroam a kiz account is required, or an account of another institution participating in the eduroam network.

Fee / charge

No fees or charges will be invoiced for the service.

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Support for questions regarding the configuration of the mobile device via e-mail to the Helpdesk of the kiz or with the device on site at the IT consultation hour.