Information during pandemic stage 3.1 (from 16.12.2020)

  • The Central Library and the Helmholtzstr. Library are closed until further notice due to the current CoronaVO study operation

  • From Wed, 13 Jan, it will be possible to pick up ordered media immediately from the library head office: Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

  • As usual all electronic resources of the kiz are available independent of location. Activate your VPN connection before the literature search.
  • The electronic express order and the Elsevier emergency supply system will be retained.
  • Purchase request (primarily e-books) can still be processed.
  • Print-Media can be ordered and reserved.
    From 2 Nov. onwards Mon - Thu 10 h- 20 h, Fri 10 h - 18 h and Sat 10 h - 16 h, immediate collection of ordered media and self-loan of books is possible.
    Printouts can also be collected from the two Follow-Me printers.
  • Books can be returned in front of the main entrance (return box: 24/7 = around the clock).
  • Orders for articles from print journals in the kiz stock are possible, preferably as scan.
  • Interlibrary loan orders are possible via the catalogue::lokal.

  • The learning location Central Library opens Mon - Thu 10 h - 20 h, Fri 10 h - 18 h and Sat 10 h - 16 h
    Online reservation of the 90 reading places is obligatory.

  • The Helmholtzstr. 18 library is open Mon - Fri 9 h - 16 h.
    Registration for the 30 reading places is required directly on site.

Library Use

Online Catalog

The online catalog or OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is the web front-end interface of the library system  aDIS/BMS. Use the catalog to conduct a literature search and manage your library account , such as reviewing and renewing items that you have checked out, requesting or placing a hold on library materials, or ordering materials through interlibrary loan.

Reading Room and Study Spaces

Library materials are on open access in the readings rooms and stacks in the central library building (Bibliothekszentrale: BZ) and departmental library Helmholtzstraße (HH).

Workspaces are provided in all publicly accessible areas at both library locations. You can choose to study either in the open reading room area or in the stack aisles, and a limited number of personal study carrels are provided for quite study. In addition to these conventional work spaces, we provide a modern study environment with multimedia group work rooms and a lounge area.


The Library lends materials primarily for the needs of the University community, but we also offer our services to the wider academically interested public.


Licensing of digital editions of scientific journals, e-books, and literature and fact databases (e-resources) for the University of Ulm. The selection of content is demand-oriented and, depending on the product, is coordinated with the users, the faculties or the university management and carried out on their behalf. The service ensures online access to licensed electronic information media via the platforms of the providers.

Office Reference Collections

Professors and academic staff who wish to have reference material on hand for research purposes may establish their own office reference collections containing borrowed library material. Non-academic institutes can also apply for such permission.

Library patrons may request to borrow material from these collections via the online catalog.


The service includes the provision of the university with information media for research, teaching and studies. The service is responsible for the development of the entire inventory including de-acquisition. It coordinates and advises the financial resources in the area of information supply at the university as a whole and coordinates the acquisition of print and e-media, as well as the open access transformation.

Guide to Regional Libraries

Here you can find further information about 60 libraries in 30 cities constituting the wider regional academic community, from Albstadt to Dillingen (Donau) and from Aalen to Friedrichshafen.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

  • Helpdesk

    Please contact us if you have questions or problems related to the kiz services:

    Office hours
    Mon - Thu 9 - 12 h and 13 - 15:30 h
    Fri 9 - 12 h

    +49 (0) 731 / 50 - 30000

    +49 (0) 731 / 50 - 1230000

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    Support Portal

  • Service Points

    Service Points are locations where you can visit us personally.


  • Identity Management

    Using self-service functions of the Identity Management System (IDM): Administer permissions, subscribe to services, change passwords.

    IDM Self Services

  • Literature Search

  • kiz from A to Z

    With about 400 keywords you will get direct access to our services. If something isn't listed, please contact our Internet Editorial Office.

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