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Institutes and other facilities of the University of Ulm have the opportunity to house their own servers in an access-protected, monitored environment equipped with active cooling. The servers must be suitable for installation in 19-inch racks.

Authorised persons are given physical access to the server room with their chip card, e.g. to exchange hardware components or for maintenance purposes.

Performance features


The service is primarily designed to centrally house servers with a high cooling requirement in an access-protected environment.

All contact persons or administrators named by the using institutions are entered in a mailing list. This list is used, for example, to announce maintenance windows or to disseminate other information relevant to the operation of the service.


  • Provision of rack space to house servers in 19-inch rack cabinets at the Staudingerstraße 7 location ("cluster room").
  • Only servers in 19-inch design can be accommodated.
  • Maximum installation depth 90 cm

Electricity supply

  • The server cabinets have vertically mounted IEC socket strips on both sides at the rear.
  • Connect the servers placed underneath with the shortest possible cables of the "cold appliance extension" type (ends: cold appliance plug C14 / cold appliance socket C13).
  • The electricity supply is not protected by a UPS.
  • To stabilise the electricity supply with regard to voltage and frequency fluctuations of the public electricity network and to ensure potential equalisation in accordance with specifications, the server room is supplied by its own transformers.

Cooling system

  • The twelfth server cabinets are cooled by five side-mounted inter-rack coolers. They provide air circulation in which warm air is extracted from the rear and passed over an air/water heat exchanger.
  • The air, cooled down to approx. 24 °C, is fed back into the server cabinets via the front.

Network connection

  • Each server cabinet has a bottom-of-rack switch with gigabit ports. If there is a justified need, individual 10 GBit ports can also be provided as fibre optic 10GBASE-LR or also as twisted pair copper 10BASE-T.
  • Two networks are provided as standard:
    • Public network
    • Server management
  • The IP addresses necessary for the operation of the servers must be applied for separately by the user in the way provided for this purpose (form Register computer).
  • All servers must have a "Remote Management Controller" with separate network connection (server management) so that remote administration is possible.

Access control & security

  • Access to the server room is granted using the chip card (membership card). The assignment of the authorisation required for this must be requested by the institute/facility management or an authorised person.
  • The server room is equipped with an alarm system.
  • The server room is under video surveillance.

User groups

Institutes and other facilities of the University of Ulm

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application modalities

Basically, it is recommended to contact the kiz before procuring new servers in order to enquire about the technical framework conditions and to avoid a possible wrong purchase.

The use of the service is requested informally by e-mail (contact via the helpdesk).

The kiz will contact the user to determine the suitability of the servers to be housed.

The user names persons who are to have physical access to the server room. The corresponding authorisation is activated for the chip cards of these persons.

The persons authorised to access the server room will be sent a form with which they must give their mandatory consent to video surveillance in the server room. The form must be signed and returned to the kiz.

At an on-site appointment:

  • access to the room explained
  • instructed in the operation of the alarm system
  • the installation location is determined
  • the wiring is clarified the functioning of the cabinets is explained

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be made for the service.

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