Personnel management system

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The SVA personnel administration system covers all areas of personnel and job management at the University of Ulm. It includes functions for supplying various systems and statistics as well as for importing from different accounting programmes and provides data for the identity management system of the University of Ulm (IDM). The SVA calculates personnel costs as well as the award framework (W pay).

The QISLBV interface enables paperless processing of so-called change notifications between the University of Ulm and the Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung Baden-Württemberg (LBV-BW).

Performance features

Personnel Administration System (SVA)

The SVA enables transparent personnel and job management. This includes:

  • Personnel management:
    • Recruitment, supervision and deletion when civil servants, employees, auxiliary staff, lecturers, visiting professors leave the institution.
    • Representation of service/employment relationships, incl. financing
    • Personnel cost calculation
    • Determination and transfer of data to SAP
    • Processing of actual payments and transfer to SAP
    • Document generation from SVA
    • Deadline monitoring
  • Job management
    • Setting up jobs
    • Job management (monitoring of vacant, partially filled and filled jobs)
  • University statistics, statistics on severely disabled persons, statistics from external and internal queries: either from lists configured by HIS or from own queries (accountability reports, state queries, benchmarking, data for commercial accounting, data for checking LBV data: including group and level comparison of LBV data with stored data at the University of Ulm).
  • Calculation of the award framework (W grade)
  • Generate electoral lists for:
    • Equal opportunities
    • DFG
    • FFP
    • Election of committees
    • Staff Council
    • Election of representatives for the severely disabled

LBV interface (QISLBV)

Notification of new arrivals, changes, terminations are recorded in SVA and sent electronically to the LBV using the interfaces available there (web services of the LBV-BW).

User groups

Employees of the Central University Administration in the departments:

  • III-1 Human Resources
  • IV-1 Finance & Financial Controlling
  • IV-2 (Third Party Funding Management)

Service hours

Working days Mon - Thurs 08:00 - 15:30, Fri 08:00 - 12:00

Maintenance work for release and version changes is carried out and announced as required.

Application modalities

The head of department III-1 (Personnel Service) informally applies to the kiz SVA system administrator to set up an SVA account for authorised users.

Technically, a Windows-based client programme (SVA-GX) and access to the administration network (if necessary via VPN) are required for access to SVA.

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be made for the use of the service.

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