Research & Education Services

Head: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Aschoff

The Research and Education Services team takes care of software development, provision, support and services related to research and education.

These are in particular the lecture recording, Moodle, kiz-internal tools, the portal, CoronaNG, the electronic telephone book, deStip, the evaSysHelper, EvaSys, Cobra, OTRS, Otris, aDIS/BMS, the training of IT specialists, the courses at the kiz, Redmine and literature management.

  • With the Moodle Learning platform and the  der lecture recording the team operates the central E-Learning Services of the University of Ulm. In addition to the technical operation of these services, close contact with the Centre for Teaching Development is a focus of the work in order to provide conceptual and didactic support for lecturers and students.
  • The "kiz Web-Services" portal  is known to university members, among other things, as the web system where they can change the PIN of their chip card or access software downloads.
  • With the web-based project management system Redmine, members of the University of Ulm have a tool to map organisational procedures or software development processes, for example, and to manage tickets and wiki pages for them. The system is operated by the Computer Centre of the University of Konstanz.
  • Literature management software is used to manage bibliographic data and full texts. Citation in scientific papers and the creation of bibliographies in the desired citation style are also part of the scope of services of these programmes.
  • The integrated library system (aDIS/BMS)

    is used uniformly in Baden-Württemberg at universities, colleges and state libraries. It maps the various business processes involved in acquiring, cataloguing, equipping and lending library materials. The system is the technical prerequisite for user services based on it, such as the lending of local and interlibrary loan information media and the library catalogue, which enables searches for both mobile and stationary devices.

  • The ticket system (OTRS) is used to manage requests from university members and external parties. Faults and enquiries can be recorded via various communication channels such as e-mail, telephone and customer frontend.
  • For the evaluation of teaching, the University of Ulm operates the EvaSys system from the company Electric Paper. With EvaSys, surveys can be conducted in paper-based version or online. However, the licence restricts the surveys to teaching evaluation.
  • Corona (Campus Online Resource Organisation 'n Administration) is a system to manage limited resources, such as course or laboratory places.
f.l.t.r.: Ch. Aschoff, K.Denzel, A. Bias, M. Hering, M. Schneiderhan, D. Grünwald, A. Beck, K. Oßwald, N. Roeser, R. Schneiderhan